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Foodborne Disease Data

Disease Fact Sheets:

Foodborne diseases are caused by various “bad bugs”, otherwise refered to as pathogens.  Included among the types of different pathogens are bacteria, viruses and parasites.  Below is a list of  foodborne diseases, divided by pathogen type:












Foodborne Disease Outbreak Reports:

Per state law, all outbreaks, including those that are foodborne, are reportable in Virginia. The VDH Office of Epidemiology's Division of Surveillance and Investigation monitors all outbreaks in the Commonwealth. Annual reports are derived from their surveillance efforts. It is important to know that these reports house not only foodborne outbreaks but all reportable illnesses. To navigate to the Foodborne Disease Outbreak specific information follow the steps below.

Annual Reports → Find the appropriate year → Descriptive Epidemiology of Reportable Diseases and Selected Maps → Outbreaks → Scroll to find "Foodborne Outbreaks" in each report

Last Updated: 01-21-2015

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