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Summer Camp Regulations

12 VAC 5-440-10 - Camp location

1.) Camps shall be located so that free drainage is provided in a direction to make any chance of pollution of its water supply from the camp itself or outside sources impossible.

2.) The immediate vicinity of the camp must be free of stagnant pools, manure piles, garbage heaps and other mosquito and fly-breeding places.

3.) Close proximity of camps to main or frequently traveled highways is to be avoided unless adequate provision for the safety of the campers is provided.

12 VAC 5-440-20 - Water supply

1.) An adequate supply of drinking water of an approved sanitary quality shall be provided.

2.) The source of water supply, its storage and distribution shall be protected from surface drainage and other means of pollution.

3.) The use of common drinking cups shall be prohibited.

12 VAC 5-440-30 - Milk

All milk served at the camp shall be graded, and refrigerated at or below a temperature of 50°F until used.

12 VAC 5-440-40. Storage, handling and preparation of food

1.) All perishable foods or drinks shall be refrigerated at or below a temperature of 50°F except when being prepared or served. Refrigerators shall be adequate in size, maintain a temperature at or below 50°F and be kept clean and sanitary.

2.) Prepared foods and foods served in the raw state shall be so stored as to be protected from dust, flies, vermin and other methods of contamination.

3.) Adequate and convenient handwashing facilities, including warm water, soap and individual towels shall be provided for all persons engaged in handling, preparing and serving food.

4.) Adequate facilities shall be provided and maintained for the washing, rinsing and bactericidal treatment of all eating and drinking utensils, each to be a separate and distinct operation.

Adequate facilities for heating water for cleaning must be provided. An approved detergent must be used.

One of the following methods of bactericidal treatment must be used. After washing and rinsing utensils must be submerged in hot water at 170°F or more, for at least two minutes; or submerged in an approved solution of proper strength for at least two minutes.

5.) All utensils used in the preparation, cooking or serving of food or drink shall be thoroughly cleaned after each use and stored so as to be kept clean and free from dust, dirt, insects and other contaminating agents.

12 VAC 5-440-50 - Excreta disposal

1.) Every camp shall be provided with adequate toilet facilities conveniently located and of a type which provides for the disposal of human wastes or excrements in such a manner that they shall not be accessible to flies or endanger a source of drinking water. Toilet facilities must conform to the standards of the State Health Department.

2.) Those camps admitting individuals of both sexes shall provide separate toilets and they shall be plainly marked.

3.) Toilets shall be kept in a clean condition, in good repair and well lighted and ventilated.

12 VAC 5-440-60 - General sanitation

1.) All waste shall be properly disposed of and all garbage and trash shall be kept in suitable receptacles in such a manner as not to become a nuisance, and be disposed of in a sanitary manner.

2.) All rooms, huts, shacks, tents and other buildings and all furniture and equipment therein shall be kept tidy, clean and in a sanitary condition.

3.) Screening shall be provided for all permanent kitchens and dining rooms or some other equally efficient means of preventing flies access to those rooms.

12 VAC 5-440-70 - Swimming facilities

All reasonable precautions must be taken to prevent pollution of swimming water by human excreta from sources in the vicinity of the camp. If a swimming pool is made of concrete or other impervious material, arrangements should be made to change the water at intervals.

12 VAC 5-440-80 - Report of contagious diseases and outbreaks of disease

Notice shall be sent immediately to the State Health Commissioner by the camp director of the occurrence of any contagious, infectious or communicable disease in any camper or employee of the camp or any epidemic, outbreak of usual number of cases of any illness including diarrhea, gastroenteritis and food poisoning.

12 VAC 5-440-90 -Recommendations

In addition to the foregoing requirements, the State Department of Health advises that insofar as is practicable the following recommendations be observed:

1.) High or gently sloping grounds with sandy or porous soil as preferable campsites;

2.) Areas known to be heavily infested with ticks or containing unusual numbers of snakes should be avoided as campsites; and

3.) If available, only pasteurized milk should be served as a beverage and it should be served in the container in which it was originally bottled at the dairy or plant.

Last Updated: 08-19-2011

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