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Pharmacy Services

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Pharmaceutical products are provided to health departments through several systems of distribution. Each system has its own requirements for accuracy and legality. The system most appropriate for a particular health department's or patient's needs should be the one chosen.

I. Central Pharmacy

The State Health Department operates a central pharmacy to provide pharmacy services to local health departments. These services include the dispensing of drugs for individual patients, providing vaccines and other biological products, and providing bulk drugs (drugs not labeled for specific patients) for use in local health departments. Central pharmacy personnel also provide drug information services for health department personnel and their patients and provide guidance and assistance in reviewing drug handling and storage procedures.

The central pharmacy maintains a price list for drugs routinely stocked within the pharmacy. This list is updated daily and can be viewed and printed through the Pharmacy Services section of the VDH Financial and Administration System.

Prescription orders for individual patients, orders for vaccines and biological products, and orders for bulk stock are ordered through several mechanisms.

A. Prescription Orders for Individual Patients

  • New Prescription Orders
  • Refilling prescriptions for individual patients

B. Vaccines and Biological Products

C. Bulk Drugs

II. Storage of Bulk Drugs in Local Health Departments

A. Non-Prescription Drugs

B. Bulk Prescription Drugs

C. Keys to Bulk Prescription Drug Storage Areas

III. Dispensing of Drugs

A. Dispensing of drugs in health departments that do not have licensed pharmacies

B. Dispensing of drugs in health departments by physicians, nurse practitioners, and dentists

IV. Administering Drugs to Patients In Health Departments

V. Non-Prescription Drugs

VI. Repackaging of Prescription and Non-Prescription Drugs

VII. Controlled Substances - Inventory Control

Last Updated: 02-10-2012

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