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Food Establishments

A scam may be under way pertaining to Food Establishments. A restaurant in the Central Shenandoah Health District received a call from an 800 number. They were told their Health Department permit expired, but they could pay it with a credit card. The Restaurant operator thought their permit had not expired, and declined to provide a credit card number. They contacted the Environmental Health office at the local Health Department. A clerk verified their permit had not expired. The restaurant serves ethnic foods; the scam may be focusing on ethnics facilities. If a permitted facility wants to pay fees by phone using a credit card they should initiate the call.

We protect public health by permitting and inspecting at least once a year food establishments such as restaurants, school and hospital cafeterias, caterers, and temporary event vendors such as booths at public fairs to insure that food is prepared and maintained safely to prevent food-borne illnesses. We investigate reports of food illnesses, working with businesses and citizens to educate and correct deficiencies.

ServSafe Food Safety Manager Certification Classes

Contact Stephanie Diehl, Unit Coordinator, Virginia Cooperative Extension :

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The following applications may be printed, filled out and submitted to your local health department:

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Last Updated: 02-28-2014

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