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Office of Vital Records - Rush

OK, that dream cruise that you have scrimped and saved for leaves port one week from yesterday and you forgot to get a copy of your birth certificate. Oh my. You could drive to Richmond and pick it up the same day but we are talking 1800 miles, enough gas and oil to pay for a second cruise! You could mail in your requests but that would take 4 to 6 weeks, depending on whether the certificate search is done via computer or manually. Heretofore, you just ran out of options......

The Virginia Health Department has contracted the VitalChek Network to help people get a certified copy of a birth, death, marriage, or divorce certificates within 2 to 5 days! Once we have the required VitalChek information, staff members will search, print, and send a certified copy of your request by United Parcel Services (UPS). Please note that you will be required to sign for the UPS package.

Additional delivery options available:
  1. UPS Air $18.50
  2. UPS 2 Day Air $17.00
  3. United States Post Office (no fee)

Although the standard mail-in request costs $12.00, this service charges $48.00 - a small price to pay for such a quick turnaround. (The Health Department receives only $20.80 for the certificate, the rest of the cost goes to UPS and the VitalChek Network for processing the charges only.) Also, for an additional $10, we will send you an Authentication of your document.

Another condition for using this system is that payment must be made by credit card. You can either phone-in your request at: 1-877-572-6333 press option 1. (To check on the status of your request, call the number above and press option 2).

In addition to a credit-card number and expiration date, we require the following information:

  • Type of certificate you are requesting
  • Relationship to person named on the certificate
  • Full name
  • Date and place of event
  • Mother's full and maiden name
  • Father's name if requesting a Birth Certificate
  • Full name of husband and wife if requesting a Marriage or Divorce Record
  • Area code and daytime phone number
  • Street Address, City/County, State and ZipCode to send the certificate
  • P.O. Boxes are not accepted

Last Updated: 07-30-2011

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