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Community Health Assessment Summary

Dear Community Stakeholder:

We are excited to share with you the Final Community Health Assessment and Community Health Improvement Plan, which contains the data and analysis from our comprehensive Community Health Assessment (CHA). Together with the Healthy Portsmouth Leadership team, which is comprised of 14 major community partners, we have created a valuable tool that our community can use over the next three to five years to inform , monitor, and ultimately improve the public's health .

In October 2013, Healthy Portsmouth launched its third CHA process; this assessment utilized indicators from both the ACHIEVE (Action Communities for Health, Innovation, and Environmental Change) and MAPP (Mobilizing Action through Planning and Partnerships) tools, thus combining previous efforts into a more comprehensive and practical CHA. To achieve broad input and engagement , the CHA data was presented by Portsmouth Health Department staff to the Healthy Portsmouth Leadership team at a series of meetings from October 2013 to April 2014. Then, together all partners analyzed the data and worked to identify our local health priorities.

As the population in Portsmouth changes, new challenges will arise in achieving and maintaining health. In many ways, Portsmouth has already made substantial improvements in community health through programs, campaigns , policies, partnership and coalition work. In spite of the many successes, health issues such as obesity, physical inactivity;tobacco use, and mental health literacy continue to affect the quality of health and quality of life in our community. Portsmouth Health Department and Healthy Portsmouth cannot impact these areas without the support of the entire community. On behalf of the Healthy Portsmouth and Portsmouth Health Department teams, we ask that you join us in improving the health of our community. We believe that, together, we can make Portsmouth the healthiest city in Hampton Roads.

David Chang, MD

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Last Updated: 04-26-2016

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