Community of Caring Initiative


Community of Caring Overview

Laying the Foundation For Success!

 On December 11, 2009, the Executive Committee of the Richmond Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy hosted an exploratory meeting to learn more about the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Center for Community of Caring Initiative.  Dr. Paula Smith, Executive Director and Penny Keith, Professional Development Director provided a broad cross-section of Richmond leaders with an overview of the initiative.  There was expressed interest in revitalizing Community of Caring since it was previously implemented in Richmond Public Schools during the mid-80’s quite successfully.

April 2010
Dr. Brandon identifies the schools for participation and Principals select Lead Teachers.
July 2010
Richmond Public School staff attend the National Community of Caring Conference in Sarasota, FL.
August 2010
Penny Keith trains the lead teams. They work on their individual school’s plan of action.
November 2010
National Community of Caring staff provide simultaneous trainings for all staff at each of the five elementary schools.
March 2011
Dr. Parker formally introduces the student body to the 5 Core Values during the school assemblies.
May 2011
We celebrate the end of a successful year.

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What do sign language, singing songs and elementary schools have to do with teen pregnancy prevention?

That intriguing question was answered again and again March 14-17 during the Richmond Community of Caring Program student assemblies.  Through a generous donation by the Greater Richmond Chamber Foundation, the Richmond Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy (RCPTP) hosted Dr. David Parker, Associate Director of the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Center for the Community of Caring Institute, who conducted two student assemblies at each of these five Richmond elementary schools—Bellevue, Chimborazo, Fairfield Court, George Mason, and Woodville. During the assemblies, Dr. Parker engaged and introduced students to the Community of Caring core values of caring, respect, responsibility, trust and family. Making use of his theatrical background and prolific writing career, Dr. Parker used sign language, storytelling, song and dance to teach students the core values.