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Resource Mothers Program

Our Goals

The program is designed to decrease the infant mortality rate and low birth weights among teen mothers. The program mentors pregnant teenagers up to the age of 19, from the prenatal period until the infant's first birthday in a home visiting format. To improve birth outcomes for the teen and the baby, the program encourages early entry into prenatal care, smoking cessation, drug and alcohol avoidance, healthy nutrition, up-to-date immunizations for the teen and the baby, regular health care for the infant, return to school or work for the teen, delay of repeat pregnancy and the development of a stable home for the teen and her baby with the help of her family and the baby’s father.  Any pregnant teen is eligible for enrollment but preference is given to the first time pregnant teen.

The Resource Mother is a Community Health worker who develops a mentoring relationship with the teen and her family.  From the prenatal period through the infant’s first birthday, the resource mother provides health education, discusses ways to prevent infant injury, models daily living skills, encourages constructive decision making and life-planning, connects the teen to community resources and provides guidance to assist the teen in making a successful transition to parenthood.

Goals of this program include some of  the following:

  • Promote and encourage early prenatal care. 
  • Nutrition education during pregnancy to enhance healthy babies that are born with a normal birth weight  
  • Family Planning/prevention to delay repeat pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding  education, encouragement, and counseling
  • Continuing Education through completion of High School or GED/Adult Education.
  • Connects to Resources available for community assistance including WIC, Medicaid, TANF, and or other applicable services
  • Provides these young parents with information about child development and child safety for a stable and nurturing home environment for a healthy, happy baby.
  • Reduce the infant mortality and death rate of infants.
  • Developmental screening of infants using the Ages & Stages Developmental Screen and early referral to appropriate services if needed.
  • Works with teen mom to ensure her baby has immunizations

A Resource Mother is a Mentor who...

Calls & comes to visit often

She answers questions and  helps her clients work on problem solving

Refers to needed services

Shares information and health education

Help keep medical appointments for teen and her baby

Works with clients to ensure health insurance and a medical home

Makes a difference in the lives of young women and children



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Partners for a Healthy Baby-Florida State University
Parenting Resources
March of Dimes

Teen Resources

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Contact Carolyn Richards for information at

Resource Mothers


Last Updated: 10-17-2013

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