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Waterworks Business Operations Plan

Owning and operating a public waterworks is a tremendous responsibility. In order to ensure that all public waterworks owners are aware of the seriousness and importance of their duties and obligations, the Code of Virginia has formalized the process for obtaining permits. The application process is designed to verify that all prospective owners have adequate technical, managerial, and financial capacity to reliably produce and deliver abundant, pure drinking water to consumers.

The application process includes
Step 1. submitting a Waterworks Permit Application Form
Step 2. participating in a Preliminary Engineering Conference (PEC)
Step 3. developing a Waterworks Business Operations Plan
Step 4. submitting a Preliminary Engineering Report (PER), and
Step 5. submitting Plans and Specifications to obtain a Waterworks Construction Permit.

You can receive assistance with any stage of the application process by contacting the ODW Field Office serving your region. You should contact the Field Office to determine which steps of the application process will apply to your situation.

Instructions and Forms: Many of these files require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader .

Due to compatibility issues, please download these files prior to attempting to fill them out.

Financial Worksheets in Microsoft Excel (Excel)

Waterworks Business Operations Plan Handbook for Community Waterworks and Nontransient Noncommunity Waterworks [handbook only - with links to financial worksheets] (pdf)

The following financial worksheets are companion documents to the Waterworks Business Operations Plan Handbook for Community Waterworks and Nontransient Noncommunity Waterworks:

Financial Worksheet 1A - Initial Submittal with Historical Data (pdf)

Financial Worksheet 1B - Initial Submittal Without Historical Data (pdf)

Financial Worksheet 1C - Annual Submittal (pdf)

Financial Worksheet 1D - Initial Submittal and Annual for Two Years (pdf)

Financial Worksheet 2 - Projection of Water Revenues (pdf)

Financial Worksheet 3 - Operating Cash Reserve Disclosure (pdf)

Financial Worksheet 4 - Emergency Reserve Disclosure (pdf)

Financial Worksheet 5 - Financial Analysis Summary Sheet (pdf)

Waterworks Business Operations Plan for Transient Noncommunity Waterworks [includes worksheets] (pdf)


Last Updated: 05-21-2015

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