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General Grant Information

OEMS has SPECIAL PRIORITIES that you may apply for during the grant cycle.  The following list of priorities can be selected  in the REQUESTED ITEMS tab in E-Gift under the ITEM TYPE drop down list, select SPECIAL PRIORITY – (NAME OF SPECIAL PRIORITY) and complete the list of questions that will appear for the special priorities questionnaire.  If you select a SPECIAL PRIORITY as a requested item your application will be prioritized during the grant review process.  The following ARE SPECIAL PRIORITIES:

What is eligible for funding?

OEMS is able to fund programs, projects, equipment, training and a variety of many other items.  The only items that are NOT eligible for funding can be found in the Virginia Emergency Medical Services Regulations, under 12VAC5-31-2920. Use of Funds. However, Virginia Code § 32.1-111.12. Virginia Rescue Squads Assistance Fund; disbursements, states that the purpose of RSAF is to provide "the requisite training for emergency medical service personnel and purchasing equipment needed by such rescue squads and organizations."

Is your agency applying for the re-chassis of an ambulance?
Consider the pricing when applying for a re-chassis – keep in mind the OEMS Price Listing to re-chassis is $95,000.00 (100%) and the OEMS price for a basic Type I Ambulance is $146,000.00 (100%).  If your agency can afford to match the pricing for $146,000.00 ($29,200.00 at 80% or $73,000 at 50%) then you should consider applying for the Type I Ambulance versus a re-chassis.  The premise behind this statement is your agency needs to think about why they should re-chassis for a price that could be comparable to purchasing a new ambulance. Things to consider when purchasing an ambulance >>


Office of Emergency Medical Services
Amanda Davis - Grant Manager
1041 Technology Park Drive
Glen Allen, VA 23059-4500
1-800-523-6019 (VA only)
804-888-9106 (phone)
804-371-3108 (fax)

Last Updated: 06-23-2015

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