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2016 Training & Certification Committee - Standing

Organization Represented Primary Representative
EMS Advisory Board/Chair Ron Passmore
EMS for Children Dr. Robin Foster
VAGEMSA Larry Oliver
VAVRS Kathy Eubank
Regional EMS Council Executive Directors Group Chad Blosser
Accredited EMS Program (VCCS) Bill Akers
Accredited EMS Program (Non-VCCS) William 'Billy' Fritz
Education Coordinator John Wanamaker
Statewide Fire-based Organization Christopher Kroboth
Member-at-large ^ - EMS Physician (MDC) Dr. Charles Lane
Member-at-large ^ - Advisory Board  

Members are appointed on an annual basis.

^ Two members at large to be selected as necessary to insure the committee has at least one certified EMT Instructor, one ALS coordinator, and one Endorsed EMS Physician.


Last Updated: 10-20-2016

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