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EMS Education Coordinator Exam Study Guides

The EMS Education Coordinator Pre-test is based upon the Virginia EMS Education Standard (VEMSES).  EMS Education Coordinator candidates will find the following documents beneficial as they prepare to take the pre-test:

  • In addition, when studying for the exam, current providers will benefit from reviewing the Gap Analysis and Virginia Phoenix documents, which highlight the changes between the National Standard Curricula and the NEMSES/VEMSES.

When reviewing these documents, be sure to view the information under EMR as well, since frequently the NEMSES states "EMR Material PLUS:" To review more information in the content areas in the NEMSES, you can review three other documents:

These documents list all areas that were utilized for question development. In order to be successful on the exam, the candidate should be familiar with the depth and breadth of the topics listed in the VEMSES.

The exam consists of 155 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer/discussion questions.  All questions are at the EMT level and reflect the content found in the above documents.  Of the 155 multiple choice questions, approximately 125 of the questions were taken from the Virginia written EMT certification examinations utilized between 1990 and 1994.  The short answer/discussion questions reflect primarily on the material that was not in the 1994 National Standard Curriculum.

EMS Providers wishing to become an EMS Education Coordinator must first ensure they meet the requirements for the EMS Education Coordinator as outlined here.

Last Updated: 11-16-2012

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