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2011 Symposium Presentations


ADM-103 Chief Officer Survival - Managing Special Situations
ADM-107 Understanding EMS Surge Capacity Planning
ADM-114 Tarnished Badges & Bent Bugles, Part Trois


AIR-202 Foundations of Emergency Airway Management | Attachments
AIR-204 Pulmonary Edema or Pneumonia: The Classic EMS Diagnosis | Attachments
AIR-209 Breathless: Evaluation and Stablization of the Asthmatic
AIR-213 Carbon Dioxide: The Ventilatory Vital Sign
AIR-214/AIR-216 Advanced Airway Lab

BLS Acadamy

BLS-402 Medical Legal
BLS-404 Airway Management


CAR-502 Confounding ECG Patterns in Suspected ACS Patients
CAR-504 Understanding Acute Coronary Syndrome: Where We Are, How We Got Here and Why We Do The Things We Do
CAR-510 Ambulatory Ventricular Assist Device Workshop
CAR-513 Just Chillin' - Therapeutic Hypothermia Pre-and Intra-Hospital Care
CAR-520 All That is Elevated is Not an MI


COM-704 The PSAP'S Role in Air Medical Response


EDU-802 Don�t Be a Basket Case
EDU-805 Using Problem - Based Learning to Promote Critical Thinking
EDU-813 C.H.E.A.T.E.D. Developing Visual Case Studies
EDU-818 Teaching Styles - What works and what doesn't

Med Evac

EVAC-903 Shopping for Helicopters

Health & Safety

HEA-1001 How to Integrate Responder Safety into All Aspects of Your Operation
HEA-1002 EMS Safety Officer: Taking Care of Our Own
HEA-1003 The First 15 Minutes - Strategies and Tactics for Roadway Incidents

Leadership and Management

LMGT-2002 Excellence in EMS Customer Service
LMGT-2003 Live Long and Prosper - How to Have a Long Career in EMS
LMGT-2004 When "Doing the Right Thing" May Not Be Enough: Risk Management for EMS Agencies
LMGT-2007 "Your Worst Day Ever" Leading Your Department Through a Line of Duty Death
LMGT-2008 Is EMS in Critical Condition?
LMGT-2009 Quality Assurance to Quality Management
LMGT-2010 Bridging the Gap: Stakeholder Outreach
LMGT-2012 I Want It All, And I Want It Now
LMGT-2013 Performance Measures for EMS Executives
LMGT-2015 Using Data To Save Lives


MED-3003 "Itchy and Scratchy" - Hot Topics in the Evaluation and Management of Acute Anaphylaxis
MED-3006 Spice - not the one in your cupboard
MED-3009 Emerging Drugs of Abuse
MED-3014 Blow Darts for the Agitated Delerium Patient
MED-3017 Sleeping with the Enemy in the Toxic Home | Attachments


OPE-4001 School Bus vs Gangstas - Triage. How, What??
OPE-4005 Lethal Exposures: Cyanide and Carbon Monoxide
OPE-4007 Scene Safety Stinks!


PRE-010 Traumatic Brain Injury Seminar
PRE-011 Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication, By Leaders for Leaders
PRE-013 When the Unthinkable Happens: Chemical Site Emergencies
PRE-014 PFA: Psychological First Aid
PRE-016 Operational Medical Directors Workshop
PRE-017 Crisis Intervention Training for Behavioral Emergencies
PRE-019 Advanced Airway Skills Workshop
PRE-021 Protecting the Protectors: EHS for Disaster Responder | ICS Form 206 (FTX - Frederick MD) | ICS Form 206 (NETC - Emmitsburg MD)


PREP-5005 HIPAA: Practical Application from a Non-Lawyer's Perspective
PREP-5007 Is Social Technology Eroding Our Sense of Right & Wrong?
PREP-5008 When Is Dead Really Dead?