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2012 Symposium Presentations


ADM-101 and ADM-103 The 'Real' Stories of EMS in Virginia...What Not to Do!
ADM-102 Easy Money
ADM-104 and ADM-107 Virginia EMS Regulations
ADM-105 Now it’s Your Turn to Write a Grant!
ADM-106 QA Made Easy
ADM-108 Firehouse Lawyers


AIR-201 RSI Pharmacology
AIR-202 Advanced Airway Management for EMT-Basics
AIR-204 Airway of Choice: To ET or Not ET?
AIR-205 Capnography Cases | Advanced Case Concepts Capnography
AIR-206 Challenging Pediatric Intubations!
AIR-207 Is Your Service Ready for RSI?
AIR-208 Secrets of the Pediatric Intubated Patient: Evidence-Based Keys to Success
AIR-210 The Coughing, Wheezing Child
AIR-211 and AIR-215 Advanced Airway Lab
AIR-212 Kiss My Asthma
AIR-213 Understanding Airway Management, or Not
AIR-214 "Gag Me" - Current Trends in Airway Management
AIR-216 Good Air In, Bad Air Out: Assessment of Oxygen and Ventilation
AIR-217 Common Pediatric Respiratory Illnesses / Emergencies

ALS Acadamy

ALS-304 Assess and Provide Care to an Infant or Child With Trauma
ALS-309 Provide Ventilatory Support

BLS Acadamy

BLS-404 Airway Management
BLS-405 Infection Control
BLS-406 Infants & Children
BLS-407 Trauma Emergencies
BLS-409 OB-Gyn Emergencies


CAR-502 ACLS Pharmocology
CAR-503 and 509 Cardiac Arrest
CAR-504 Management of Congestive Heart Failure in the Pediatric Population
CAR-505 Confounding Patterns in ECG Diagnosis of AMI
CAR-507 Beyond the Balloon Basics- Advanced IABP
CAR-508 ECG Diagnosis of STEMI
CAR-510 The Cardiac Drug Box
CAR-516 Treatment for End Stage Heart Failure With LVADs
CAR-519 Don't Go Breaking My Heart


CISM-604 When a Child Dies...What Next?
CISM-605 If I Can’t See the Trauma, Does it Still Hurt?
CISM-606 Mason’s Crossing
CISM-607 Coping When it Doesn’t Work
CISM-608 My Wife Hates Me, My Kids Don’t Know Me, and I Think I Have a Dog


COM-701 Stress, Health, and Wellness for 911 Dispatchers
COM-703 Liability, who Needs It? Taming the Liabilty Monster
COM-704 Provide Appropriate and Effective Care Without Dispatching an Ambulance
COM-705 911 and MCI, The Role of Dispatch in a Mass Casualty Incident


EDU-801 Demystifying the New EMS Educational Standards
EDU-806 Student Engagement in the Classroom
EDU-807 Don’t Lose Your Cool: Dealing With Problem Students
EDU-808 The Design and Use of Scenarios in the EMS Classroom
EDU-809 Excuse me, But May I interrupt? Case-Based Teaching
EDU-810 Thinking at Light Speed: Developing Good Instincts In Your Students
EDU-811 The Essence of EMS Education | Attachments
EDU-813 From Intern to Released Provider
EDU-814 Precepting in EMS: Teaching the Teacher
EDU-815 Everything That I learned About Teaching EMS I Learned in El-Ed
EDU-816 Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail: The Art of Lesson Plans
EDU-819 Doodle! Are Your Students Learning or Distracted?
EDU-820 Items Under Construction: How to Create Valid and Reliable Exams | Worksheet

Med Evac

EVAC-905 Simulation Lab for Flight Crew: A Way to Determine Strengths and Weaknesses

Health & Safety

HEA-1003 Drive to Survive
HEA-1002 Brain Science Meets Emergency Services: What Have We Learned?
HEA-1004 Flawed Situational Awareness: The Stealth Killer of First Responders
HEA-1005 EMS Safety Officers - Taking Care of Our Own
HEA-1006 Mental Management of Emergencies
HEA-1007 Common Threads in EMS Tragedies
HEA-1009 EMS Safety Now! | Outline
HEA-1014 Can We Learn From Humor
HEA-1015 It Could Happen to You
HEA-1016 Rehab: Beyond the Water Cooler

Leadership and Management

LMGT-2003 Oh the Mistakes We’ve Made!
LMGT-2004 The EMS Darwin Awards
LMGT-2006 Finding Your Passio
LMGT-2007 Quality Managment System the Missing Piece
LMGT-2010 Medical Error Prevention
LMGT-2011 Do You Have What it Takes? Defining and Understanding Professionalism in the World of EMS
LMGT-2013 ‘It Takes Different Strokes to Move the World’ – Understanding Generational Realities in the EMS Workplace
LMGT-2014 ‘Oops, I Did it Again!’ Root Cause Analysis in EMS
LMGT-201 5 ‘We Need to Talk,’ Understanding the Process of Effective Communications for EMS Providers and Managers
LMGT-2016 Performance Management for Emergency Services Providers
LMGT-2018 Put the “Lead” Back Into Leadership
LMGT-2019 Social Media, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
LMGT-2020 Best Practices in “Preventive Medicine”


MED-3001 The Goldilocks Theory: The Environment When it is Too Hot or Cold and Definitely Not Right
MED-3003 Anaphylaxis - It’s not just About the Bee Sting
MED-3005 Altered Mental Status in the Movies
MED-3007 Bites, Snakes, Jellyfish, and Other Envenomations
MED-3008 What Every Diabetic Wants You to Know...Even if They Don’t Know It | Handout
MED-3009 Basic Pharmacology of EMS Drugs
MED-3010 Bubbles, Bubbles, Toils and Troubles
MED-3011 Annual Infection Control/OSHA Update | Cost Benefit
MED-3012 “Weak, Winded and Woozy…What’s Wrong?”
MED-3013 Everything Alcohol
MED-3015 Behavioral Issues and the Legal Ramifications
MED-3016 When Hard Becomes Harder: Medical and Trauma Considerations in the Immunocompromised Patient
MED-3017 OB/GYN for BLS Providers
MED-3018 When Lightning Strikes: A Journey to Death and Back
MED-3019 Stayin Alive...Contemporary Cardiac Arrest Management


OPE-4002 The First 15 Minutes-Strategies and Tactics for Roadway Incident Safety
OPE-4003 Community Healthcare Planning and Response to Disasters
OPE-4004 Decontamination of Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Agents
OPE-4006 The Active Shooter and Your Quick Response - Tactical Emergency Casualty Care
OPE-4007 Detection of Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Agents
OPE-4008 Risk Assessment and Decision Making for EMS Incidents
OPE-4009 First Due / On-Scene: The 5 Keys to Managing any Emergency Incident
OPE-4010 Too Many of ‘em...Not Enough of Us! MCI and Practical Triage
OPE-4013 The Wheels on the Bus Go Upside Down
OPE-4015 “Is the Scene Safe?” - Emergency Medical Services and Law Enforcement Integration
OPE-4016 EMS Preplanning
OPE-4017 The Big One’s Here: Taking Care of Mine and Ours
OPE-4018 Chemical Suicides-Managing Emerging Threats to Public Safety and Healthcare Workers
OPE-4019 Responder Rehab… Not Just a Coffee Wagon Anymore
OPE-4022 Tactical Emergency Casualty Care: A New Paradigm for High Risk Pre-Hospital Medicine


PRE-005 Advanced Moulage

Casualty Simulation
Casualty Simulation Techniques
Full Page Fax Print
Gel Effects
Gel Effect Instructions
Gel Effects Dermacrisp
Jackie Langford Recipes
Moulage Examples
Moulage Recipes
Presentation (2)
Rooseboom DeVries VanDelft Paper
Using Gelatin For Burns

PRE-010 Operational Medical Directors Workshop | EMS Physician Update
PRE-012 Traffic Incident Management & Responder Safety
PRE-015 Solving Thorny HR Issues
PRE-016 Guess Who’s Coming to Town – Planning the Planned and Unplanned


PREP-5002 Ethics in EMS
PREP-5003 Critical Care Transport Topics Review
PREP-5004 Justification Through Clinical Documentation | Examples | Acronyms
PREP-5005 Old Narratives / New Providers
PREP-5008 Mock Deposition - New and Improved
PREP-5009 Beavis & Butthead are Back! It’s Shake and Bake Time
PREP-5010 Hemodynamic Monitoring for Critical Care Transport
PREP-5011 Sage Advice: What You Need and Want to Know About Herbal and Other Alternative Therapies
PREP-5012 Things That Make You Go Hmm....Medical Case Studies
PREP-5013 5 Rights EZ-IO, Didactic and Hands-On
PREP-5014 How to Set the Table and Serve Bad News: Your (fill in) is Dead
PREP-5017 Row, row, row Your Backboard!
PREP-5018 Pharmacology Concepts for BLS Providers

Special Considerations

SPE-6001 Pharmacologic Restraint of the Violent and Severely Agitated Patient
SPE-6002 Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot: Pediatric Fevers
SPE-6008 Upside/Down Kids
SPE-6009 Autism and EMS Response
SPE-6010 ‘Grandma’s Fallen and She Can’t Get Up’ – Challenging Geriatric Case Studies | Handout
SPE-6012 Perfect Storm - OB Emergencies
SPE-6014 ‘When You’re 64’ Geriatric Emergencies
SPE-6015 Angels of Mercy Palliative Care at MCE
SPE-6018 ‘Grandpa, Grandpa, Are You Alright?’ EMS and the Elder Patient | Handout
SPE-6022 Pediatric Rapid Cardiopulmonary Assessment- the PAT’s, ABC’s and CAB of it All!


TRA-7003 Coach, My Neck Hurts!
TRA-7006 Protocol Directed Torture: Unnecessary Spinal Immobilization
TRA-7007 The Dirty Dozen: Beyond the Basics of Thoracic Trauma
TRA-7010 Management of the Pediatric Trauma Patient
TRA-7011 “My Gut Hurts”
TRA-7012 Crunch Time! Facial Injuries
TRA-7013 Down on the Farm - Farm Trauma!
TRA-7014 “EMS Is Like a Box of Chocolates, You Never Know…”
TRA-7016 The Impact of Trauma on the Spine and Spinal Cord: A Look at Current Practice and Future Trends
TRA-7018 Hemostasis for the Field
TRA-7019 Act Fast: Introduction to Trauma and Vascular Ultrasound
TRA-7020 Trauma Case Studies: Trauma Gone Wild, you Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

Last Updated: 12-20-2012

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