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2013 Symposium Presentations


ADM-102 How to Prepare for the Agency Inspection
ADM-105 Virginia EMS Regulations


AIR-202 Difficult Airway Management: A Philosophy of Success!
AIR-204 Capnography Case
AIR-205 Decisions, Decisions, Decisions About Airway Management
AIR-208 Avoiding Airway Disasters–Tips and Tricks for the Difficult Airway
AIR-213 Are we Killing our Patients? Hidden Dangers of Oxygen Administration

ALS Acadamy

ALS-311 ALS Academy - Kinetics of Trauma/Mechanism of Injury
ALS-312 ALS Academy - Agricultural Injuries: Not Your Everyday Call
ALS-315 ALS Academy - Volume Resuscitation for Trauma and Sepsis

BLS Acadamy

BLS-402 BLS Academy - Medical Legal
BLS-403 BLS Academy - Medical Emergencies | Additional Slide
BLS-405 BLS Academy - Infection Control
BLS-406 BLS Academy - Infants & Children


CAR-502 Special K
CAR-503 Cardiac Arrest
CAR-504 12 Lead EKGs-Not Just for Chest Pain Anymore
CAR-508 A.R.R.E.S.T.
CAR-510 ACLS Pharmocology
CAR-516 Heart Failure and LVADs in 2013


CISM-601 CISM: Advanced Group Interventions | Additional Notes
CISM-605 "What can Your Regional Critical Incident Stress Management Team do for You?"
CISM-606 "What is a Critical Incident?"


COM-705 The Role of Dispatch in a Mass Casualty Incident


EDU-801 Incorporating Critical Thinking in Education: Teaching not Just how but Why
EDU-806 NO FAIR (use that is) media usage in education
EDU-807 Precepting in EMS
EDU-809 Chalk Talk
EDU-811 "I Just Have a Feeling…"
EDU-815 EMS Education Duck Dynasty Style | Activity Handout | Tips Handout | Vocabulary Handout
EDU-816 Naked EMT Teaching

Med Evac

EVAC-903 Work With us, not Against Us! Streamlining Helicopter EMS Interactions

Health & Safety

HEA-1001 Emergency Incident Rehabilitation
HEA-1006 Is Your Occupational Medicine Group Doing What They Should for You?
HEA-1007 Asleep Behind the Wheel
HEA-1010 Annual Infection Control/OSHA Update

Leadership and Management

LMGT-2006 The EMS Quiz Show
LMGT-2007 Bundles of Care
LMGT-2010 Healthcare Reform and What it Means for EMS
LMGT-2013 I do the paperwork/you get Covered in Meconium: Teamwork in EMS
LMGT-2014 Implementing an Effective Community Health Program
LMGT-2018 LEAN Process Improvement
LMGT-2019 Proving Your Worth
LMGT-2020 "It Will be Different When I am in Charge!" – The Myths Versus Realities of EMS Supervision and Management


MED-3001 The day the Blue Bloater met the Pink Puffer
MED-3003 The Night Joe's Crab Shack Almost Changed Everything
MED-3004 Coughing Your Brains Out!
MED-3008 To pee Is to Be
MED-3016 Fever! (Hum the Tune)
MED-3017 My Breath is Barely There


OPE-4001 The Role of the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in a Mass Fatality Event
OPE-4003 EMS Aspects of Extrication: Fundamentals and Focus
OPE-4004 The Role of the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in a Mass Fatality Event REPEAT
OPE-4006 Understanding Flu and Biological Events
OPE-4007 Unusual Chemical Hazards for the EMS Professional
OPE-4008 It’s Coming - are you and Your EMS Agency Ready for the Next Pandemic?
OPE-4010 Lessons Learned from Superstorm Sandy
OPE-4014 Do EMS Response Times Really Matter?
OPE-4016 Types of Farm Accidents, or E, I, E, I, Ow!
OPE-4017 When the Circus Comes to Town | Attachments


PRE-006 NFA: Emergency Medical Services: Functions in the Incident Command System (F166)

PRE-010 Enhanced Visual Presentations: Creating Effective Visual Case Studies
PRE-016 Childbirth Emergencies
PRE-025 Advanced Moulage Techniques


PREP-5003 Spanish for Health Care Provider
PREP-5020 The Low-Down on the High Side, special considerations emergency responders should know about accidents involving motorcycles

Special Considerations

SPE-6001 Perfect Storm-OB Emergencies
SPE-6002 Medical Misadventures in Elder Care
SPE-6003 Pediatric Emergencies: Scene Management - The Missing Piece.
SPE-6004 ABCs of KIDz: Supporting Critical Life Functions
SPE-6005 Naturally Sweet Children With Diabetes Mellitus
SPE-6007 Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Kid!
SPE-6008 The Silent Majority: Geriatrics in the new Millennium.
SPE-6010 Having Babies Ain’t all it's Cracked up to Be
SPE-6013 From Brittle Bones to End-of-Life Issues: What BLS Providers Need to Know About Geriatric Patients
SPE-6016 A Look at the Twilight Years
SPE-6017 Altered Mental Status in the Pediatric Population
SPE-6018 Kids do the Darndest Things
SPE-6019 Pediatric Assessment: Figuring out if a Child is Sick


TRA-7001 Guns, Knives, Hand Grenades and Booby Traps
TRA-7006 Heads Up!
TRA-7009 Improving Outcomes: Case Studies in Rural Trauma
TRA-7013 Trauma Triage - Put Your Brain in the Game!
TRA-7016 Septic, Hypovolemic, Obstructive, and Cardiogenic Killers (S.H.O.C.K.)


VPB-8001 Basic Reporting Using State Bridge (VPHIB)
VPB-8002 Intermediate/Advanced Reporting Using State Bridge (VPHIB)
VPB-8003 Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics
VPB-8004 Basic Reporting Using State Bridge (VPHIB) - REPEAT
VPB-8005 Intermediate/Advanced Reporting Using State Bridge (VPHIB) - REPEAT
VPB-8006 Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics - REPEAT

Last Updated: 01-31-2014

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