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Virginia/Maryland WIC Dietetic Internship Program

Virginia/Maryland WIC Dietetic Internship Programd


Fast Facts

  • VA WIC requires 6 months of employment prior to application to the internship
  • MD WIC requires 12 months of employment prior to application to the internship
  • Requires the applicant to have earned an undergraduate degree and have completed all academic requirement of the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND) as an accredited undergraduate dietetics major
  • All applicant must have completed a 3 credit hour advanced Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) course within 5 years of application date
  • Virginia/Maryland WIC internship does not participate in the “match” program
  • One internship class per year, 8 internship slots per class
  • Internship begins in September ends in August the following year, consisting of 1200 hours of supervised practice
  • Community Concentration Program
  • 47 weeks for full time employees
  • 20 hours per week completing internship activities 20 hours working for WIC
  • Two off site rotations; foodservice management 6 weeks 40 hours per week and a clinical rotation of 10 weeks 40 hours per week
  • Full time VDH interns granted educational leave to participate in the program.
  • Full time VA and MD interns receive full salary and benefits during the internship
  • Being granted educational leave requires the VA/MD Dietetic Internship graduate to:
  • Take the RD exam within 6 months of program completion
  • Pass the RD exam within 12 months of program completion
  • Internship graduates must continue employment upon successful completion of the RD exam. VA graduates must work 12 months full time, MD graduates must work 24 months full time
  • Part time (only applies to VA interns) work for WIC 20 hours per week, complete internship activities on their own time and continue to receive a paycheck for hours worked in WIC
  • Interns complete rotations within their community or geographic region of Virginia or Maryland where they live, if possible
  • Internship Orientation is held in Richmond, VA
  • Estimates of Costs to the Intern are:
Liability Insurance
Non-refundable Resource Fee
Student Membership in ADA
Lab coat/uniforms as Required
Registration Exam fee
ADA dues upon completion
Dietetic Practice Group Fee(varies with each group)
Misc. such as fee for Drug screen evaluation
RD Exam review course


Kathleen Sergent, MA, RD
Virginia/Maryland WIC Dietetic Internship Director
(804) 864-7832


Last Updated: 08-21-2015

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