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Division of Multicultural Health and Community Engagement

The Division of Multicultural Health and Community Engagement (DMHCE) primary goal is to permanently change the conditions that produce differential health outcomes that will, over time, have a greater effect than traditional interventions. 

  • Health inequities are differences in health status and mortality rates across population groups that are systemic, avoidable, unfair, and unjust.
  • The United States faces an increasing level of inequity in the health status and mortality rates of its disadvantaged populations and in many communities of color.
  • Healthy populations depend on the conditions in everyday life—the social determinants of health. Beyond these determinants are fundamental injustices derived from class, race, gender, and sexual orientation that generate inequities in the distribution of disease.
  • Social justice, a foundation of public health, has two central features: social and economic equality and political equality.
  • Increasing health inequities will have an impact on public health practice

The Division of Multicultural Health and Community Engagement (DMHCE) works with stakeholders to identify approaches to eliminate health inequities through a focus on social determinants of health, in addition to more traditional health promotion, as key strategies to eliminate health inequities that exist by socioeconomic status, race/ethnicity, geography, gender, immigrant status and other social classifications. 

Therefore, questions exploring health are reframed to allow for a greater understanding of root causes. For example:

Conventional: How can we promote healthy behavior?
Health Equity: How can we target dangerous conditions and reorganize land use and transportation policies to ensure healthy spaces and places?

Conventional: How can we reduce disparities in the distribution of disease and illness?
Health Equity: How can we eliminate inequities in the distribution of resources and power that shape health outcomes?

From the Unnatural Causes Toolkit: Background


The Office of Minority Health and Health Equity explains health inequities and what you can do to eliminate them.

State Office of Minority Health

  • Commissioner's Advisory Council on Health Disparity and Health Equity
  • Grants and Funding Opportunities

Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Health Services Intiative

Health Equity Initiatives

Last Updated: 02-26-2016

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