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Community Campaigns and Programs

Make Health a “Family Reunion” Affair

Help Your Family Make The Kidney Connection. The Kidney Connection Guide, developed by the National Kidney Disease Education Program (NKDEP), will help people talk to their family about the connection between diabetes, high blood pressure, and kidney disease at their family reunions. The National Kidney Disease Education Program is an initiative of the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, one of the National Institutes of Health. Learn more...

Closing the Health Gap

Closing the Health Gap is an educational campaign designed to help make good health an important issue among racial and ethnic minority populations, who are affected by serious diseases and health conditions at far greater rates than other Americans. Two key elements of the Closing the Health Gap campaign are the Take A Loved One to the Doctor Day and Celebra La Vida Con Salud. Learn more...

The American Heart Associations Cultural Health Initiatives

The American Heart Association’s Cultural Health Initiatives strive to establish priorities and strategies to educate emerging populations including Hispanics and African-Americans, and to reduce cardiovascular disease and stroke disparities through our programs, messaging, media, advocacy and partnerships that reach out to and empower underserved communities to live healthier lifestyles. Learn more...

Power to End Stroke (888-4-STROKE)

Power to End Stroke educates African-Americans about their disproportionate risk of stroke and shares how to win the fight against that risk. 

Search Your Heart Program

The American Heart Association’s Search Your Heart program is a community-based educational program/tool to reach high-risk audiences. Search Your Heart delivers knowledge and action steps to encourage people to act upon this knowledge and reduce their risk for heart disease and stroke. By empowering these individuals with information, the program shows how to take necessary steps to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, including making healthy lifestyle changes and developing heart-healthy habits.

Conozca Su Corazon

In an effort to educate the Hispanic community about heart health, the American Heart Association launched the Conozca Su Corazon program. Conozca Su Corazon is a comprehensive, informative, program that teaches the causes, symptoms and preventions of cardiovascular disease.

Last Updated: 03-27-2014

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