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Heal-thy Generations Coalition, Inc.: A Southeast Community Health Movement - It Starts With You!

The Heal-thy Generations Coalition, Inc began in response to a community health needs assessment conducted by the Peninsula Health District in 2005. Public health professionals in the city of Newport News needed to know more about access and barriers to medical care and ancillary services in the Southeast community to better identify resource and service needs.

Steps in the assessment included individual interviews of key community leaders, focus groups of residents, individual resident surveys, observation of the community and review of health and health related statistics.

In keeping with priority areas in U.S. Healthy People 2010 and the Virginia Department of Health, the Peninsula Health District’s community health assessment focused on identifying needs and perceptions of preventing and controlling chronic diseases, educating the public about chronic disease prevention and improving access to basic chronic disease medical management and access to affordable medications.

The assessment, published in 2006, recommended the formation of a community task force of residents of the Southeast community and stakeholders in local government, health care organizations and community service agencies to focus on the reduction of chronic disease for current and future residents living in the Southeast community. The Peninsula Health District took the lead in sharing the assessment findings with key leaders from the community and local government. Further, it initiated and facilitated the formation of the community task force and provided administrative support for the effort.

Heal-thy Generations: A Southeast Community Health Movement has achieved a great deal over the past two years. It became a 501(c) 3 in 2009 and is known as Heal-thy Generations Coalition, Inc. The mission of Heal-thy Generations Coalition, Inc. is to empower and educate the residents of the Southeast Newport News Community to prevent and reduce chronic disease and improve overall physical health. The three primary chronic diseases Heal-thy Generations focuses on are: asthma, diabetes and high blood pressure.

The coalition developed a tag line “It Starts with You!” and adopted responsibility, empower, community, respect, consistency, excellence, restoration, and prevention as its core values.  

The coalition will implement these core values in the community through achievement of the following goals:

  • Empower and Educate: to design and implement a strategic marketing plan to establish Heal-thy Generations as an initiative to influence change in behavior.
  • Reduce and Prevent: to recruit Southeast residents to participate in Heal-thy Generations initiative.
  • Improve Health: to involve the Southeast community residents and community resources to promote healthy choices, healthy foods, and healthy lifestyles.
  • Access to Care: to plan, coordinate and implement a community clinic in the Southeast community.
  • Tracking and Evaluation: to implement a systematic approach for Heal-thy Generations effectiveness.
  • Sustainability: to establish a consistent and comprehensive funding for Heal-thy Generations sustainability.

Heal-thy Generations Coalition, Inc. is an active group of southeast residents, public and private organizations, stakeholders in local government, health care organizations, community service agencies and local businesses. The coalition utilizes a community-based approach to address chronic disease prevention, facilitate program development, and improve the overall health of the current and future residents of the southeast community.

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For more information about Heal-thy Generations Coalition, Inc.: A Southeast Community Health Movement - It Starts with You! contact the Peninsula Health District at (757) 594-8933.

Last Updated: 04-01-2013

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