HIA Case Studies (HIA) Toolkit

What do these pictures have in common? Answer: Decisions made in each of the areas (transportation, development, accessibility to healthy foods, education, etc.) have an effect on our health.

HIA is a combination of procedures, methods, and tools by which a policy, program, or project may be judged as to its potential effects on the health of a population, and the distribution of those effects within the population.

HIA Case Studies

Atlanta BeltLine Health Impact Assessment

Association of State and Territorial Health Officials
ASTHO Smart Growth Toolkit - collection of case studies and smart growth components (PDF, 939 KB) 
The Smart Growth Toolkit provides state and territorial health officials an accessible information guide on different smart growth principles and practical examples of applied smart growth in communities around the country.

Fort McPherson Rapid Health Impact Assessment: Zoning for Health Benefit to Surrounding Communities during Interim Use

Humboldt Partnership for Active Living (HumPAL)
Humboldt County General Plan Update 
In this case study the HIA was used to identify and analyze potential health outcomes associated with three development plans to accommodate future population growth.

UCLA School of Public Health
HIAs conducted in the U.S. 1999-2007 (PDF, 46 KB)
This document lists names of and links to HIAs done in the U.S. between 1999 and 2007.

UCLA HIA Project, UCLA School of Public Health with funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
UCLA HIA Clearinghouse Learning and Information Center’s HIA Archive
This is a database of HIAs conducted across the U.S. with a summary of each HIA. Background information (links) on each health topic addressed in the HIA and the methods used are also provided.

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