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Virginia's State Rural Health Plan

Virginia Rural Health Association

Virginia's State Rural Health Plan (VA-SRHP) is a 3-5 year strategic plan designed to strengthen the health care infrastructure in rural areas. The plan, which is a led by the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) Office of Minority Health and Public Health Policy (OMHPHP) and the Virginia Rural Health Association (VRHA), is a collaborative effort of over 50 prominent partners who are dedicated to rural Virginia.

Virginia’s original SRHP focused on the (1) conversion of eligible hospitals to Critical Access Hospital (CAH) status and the support these hospitals through the conversion process; (2) identification of other potential hospitals that were eligible for CAH status and assisting with their financial feasibility analysis; (3) development of a taskforce to implement the Flex program; and (4) development of administrative support for federal and state regulatory requirements of the plan.

Support Virginia's Rural Health PlanThe vision for the revised VA-SRHP is to provide a comprehensive analysis of health in rural area and to develop practical strategies that will lead to improvements in rural health, not just to improvements in the delivery of services.  The Plan seeks to provide analyses and strategies that will lead to improvements in rural health, not solely improvements in the delivery of health care services. It is intended that the plan will continue to be an active collaborative effort throughout the years and will be examined annually to ensure:

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  1. Relevance of the plan to emerging rural health needs
  2. Effectiveness of proposed and completed projects
  3. Successfulness of projects to benchmark measurements
  4. Active engagement of various partners

To learn more, visit the VA-SRHP website.

Last Updated: 04-01-2013

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