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Resources for Local Health Departments in Virginia

The TB Control Program has developed the following policies and guidelines to assist local health districts in controlling TB in the Commonwealth.

Contact TB program staff at (804) 864-7906 for additional information, assistance in accessing resources, consultation or training needs.

VDH Policies/Guidelines

VDH Nursing Guidelines and Other Documents
These nursing directives and documents relate to various aspects of TB including DOT, case management, contact investigation, LTBI, and the TB Control Record.  The materials are only accessible to employees at the Virginia Department of Health with vdhweb access.

TB Laws

VA TB Control Laws Guidebook, 2014

TB Control Act - Online forms for Health Directors

Emergency Detention Order/Court-Ordered Isolation -- Procedures

Case Management Tools

Contact Investigation

Every case of TB started as a contact to a person with active pulmonary or laryngeal TB disease. For this reason, it is essential to identify, examine, evaluate, and treat all persons who are at risk of infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis (m. tb) due to recent exposure to a newly diagnosed or suspected case of pulmonary or laryngeal TB.

The documents linked below describe and outline the procedural steps in a contact investigation.

Contact Investigation Forms and Tools

Latent Tuberculosis Infection (LTBI)

Information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on TB Testing and Diagnosis:

Mantoux Tuberculin Skin Testing Products from CDC – training resources on administering and reading the Mantoux tuberculin skin test.


Guidelines for Using the TB Medical Record and Completing the Forms - All individuals who are reported to the health department as a suspect or confirmed case of active TB disease, regardless of the source of care, should have a permanent VDH case management record.  This document provides information on the use of specific forms that have been designed for use in the VDH TB records.

Fact Sheet on Isoniazid and Tyramine Containing Foods

Fact Sheet on Isoniazid and Tyramine Containing Foods, Spanish version

Cohort Review

National Tuberculosis Indicators Project (NTIP) is a monitoring system for tracking the progress of TB control programs in the US toward achieving national TB program objectives.


Last Updated: 12-15-2015

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