Adolescent Health

The Virginia Department of Health’s, Abstinence Education Program “Sexual Risk Avoidance Education”, is excited to announce the release of our (RFA) Request for Applications! In order to be eligible for “Sexual Risk Avoidance Education” funding, all agencies must apply through this competitive process. The RFA can be located at, RFA No. 705AO150, or under “Sexual Risk Avoidance Education. Applications must be submitted by May 18, 2018 at 2:00pm EST

 Please contact Tharicia McZorn, Adolescent Health Coordinator

Welcome to Virginia Adolescent Health!

There are 1,659,865 adolescents in Virginia. (VDH Vital Statistics, 2015)

Adolescence is defined as “The period of life ranging from ages 10-24, during which individuals make the developmental transition from childhood to adulthood.”

(AMCHIP & NNSAHC Conceptual Framework for Adolescent Health, 2005)

Our Vision

All adolescents will be at their optimal health and wellness, and learn to their “greatest” potential.

Our Mission

Empowering adolescents to achieve and maintain optimal health, and identify pillars of support & resources, providing the foundation for a healthy transition to adulthood.