10 Ways to Stay Safe This Halloween

Happy Halloween lettering. Holiday calligraphy with spider.Make sure Halloween is one of the safest nights of the year by following these safety tips:

  1. Wear reflective clothing or reflective tape, which can be easily added to costumes and bags for added visibility. Make sure cars are able to see you and your family when trick or treating.
  2. If you’re throwing a party, practice these food safety tips for partygoers and party throwers.
  3. Safe treats: Help your children identify treats that are safe to eat. Don’t let your children eat anything that isn’t commercially wrapped.  Inspect treats for signs of tampering such as discoloration, tiny pinholes, or tears in wrappers.  Throw away anything that looks suspicious.
  4. Carry and use a flashlight.
  5. Wear flame-resistant costumes.
  6. Only visit well-lit houses.
  7. Avoid using decorative contact lenses unless under the care of eye care professional. Obtaining contact lenses without a prescription or eye exam from an eye care professional can cause eye injuries including: abrasions, infections and blindness.
  8. Review with your children how to call 9-1-1 if they ever have an emergency or become lost.
  9. If you are using costume makeup for the first time, test it in a small area first to ensure it does not cause skin irritation.
  10. If you are giving out treats this Halloween consider Non-Food Treats for children with food allergies.

VDH hopes you and your family enjoy a safe and happy Halloween.