Poison Prevention Week

National Poison Prevention Week March 19-25, 2017 Poisoning is the #1 cause of injury-related death in the US. The third week in March each year is designated as National Poison Prevention Week, a week dedicated to raising awareness about the burden of poisoning in the US and highlighting the specific ways to prevent it. Be prepared for poisoning emergencies by programming the Poison Help line in your phone today, 1-800-222-1222! #NPPW17 #preventpoison

Poisoning is the leading cause of injury-related deaths in the US. In 2015, someone called the poison center for help every 11 seconds. Here are things you can do to help prevent poison related injuries:

  • Store all chemicals and medicines separately and safely.
  • Choose products in containers that are hard for children to open.
  • Don’t leave a container out for “just a minute.”
  • Take your medicines where children cannot see you. They may try to imitate you.
  • Have a working carbon monoxide alarm in your home.
  • Be extra careful with products that look or smell like candy or drinks.
  • Discuss precautions with grandparents and caregivers. Their homes may not be as child-safe as yours.
  • Know what to do in case of poisoning.

If you think someone may have touched or tasted a possible poison, call the Poison Center right away at 1-800-222-1222.  They will want to know:

  • The substance you are calling about.
  • How much was taken?
  • When it happened?
  • Symptoms
  • Any treatments you already tried
  • The patient’s medical history.

Learn more about the Virginia Poison Center.