NPHW Friday: Climate Change

Today is the fifth day of National Public Health Week, the day’s theme melds with one of our newer initiatives – the Public Health impacts of Climate Change.

Friday’s Theme is Climate Change

Friday,. April 5. National Public Health Week. Climate Change. NPHW 2019 Virginia. Virginia Department of Health. Group of people cleaning up a beach.

Last fall, Dr. Oliver conducted a “Listening Tour” across the state, meeting with local health officials and community members to better understand the health needs and concerns of those we serve.  As the tour progressed, it became apparent that the public health impacts of climate change are of high concern for Virginians.

In response to those concerns, Dr. Oliver requested a VDH internal working group be established to assess the public health impacts of climate change and to outline our agency data and resources to address this issue.  In January of 2019, the VDH Climate Change Committee, or “C-3,” was formed. The C-3 includes representatives from VDH’s offices of Environmental Health, Drinking Water, Epidemiology, Emergency Preparedness and Health Equity.

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