Vital Records Services

Birth Certificates

Virginia application forms are available as well as information on obtaining out of state certificates. Virginia certificates are maintained in Richmond, VA and will be forwarded to applicant by mail. (757) 382-8677 • (804) 662-6200 [Richmond]

Acknowledgement of Paternity

Information is obtained from the mother and father of the child that is born out of wedlock. The Vital Records Office in Richmond prepares a new birth certificate that will include the father’s name and mails a certified copy to the parents. Appointments are necessary. (757) 382-8677

Acknowledgement_of_Paternity_Form VS22_07-04 with Instructions

Death Certificates

A funeral director, immediate family member or legally authorized individual may obtain a copy of death certificates for persons who died in the city of Chesapeake. (757) 382-8677

*** Fees may be charged for certain services. ***