Immunization Services

Adult Immunizations

Hepatitis B
A series of three injections given at different intervals. There is a charge for each injection.

Administrative cost only.

Skin test (Tuberculin)
Charge may be applicable. Individuals receiving this test must return for reading in 48 hours.
Clients under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Flu and Pneumonia Shots
Available in the Fall at the Health Department and at various sites in the community. Call
(804) 598-5680 in mid-September for a schedule and costs.

This is a chargeable vaccine. A history of immunizations is required. Clients under the
age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Childhood Immunizations (birth to age 18)

  • All Childhood immunizations are available.
  • Parent or guardian must accompany children under age 18.
  • History of immunizations must be provided.
  • Powhatan Health Department follows the schedule of immunizations recommended by the Office of Epidemiology Division of Immunization.
  • Immunizations are by appointment only.  Please call 804-598-5680 to make an appointment.                 

Travel Immunizations

  • Counseling on recommended and required immunizations, by appointment only.
  • Most travel immunizations available. Fees are charged for all immunizations.
  • Identification of other resources to secure travel immunizations.
  • Printed information packets available upon request for specific countries.

For further information regarding immunizations, call (804) 598-5680