Fiscal Year 2016 USDA Memos
CACFP06-2016 Disclosure Requirements for the Child Nutrition Programs
CACPF05-2016 Guidance on Competitive Procurement Standards for Program Operators
CACFP04-2016 Local Agency Procurement Reviews: School Year 2015-2016
CACFP03-2016 Procurement Standards and Resource Management Requirements related to Franchise Agreements
CACFP02-2016 Questions and Answers on the Transition to and Implementation of 2 CFR Part 200
CACFP01-2016 Procuring Local Meat, Poultry, Game, and Eggs for Child Nutrition Programs
Fiscal Year 2015 USDA Memos
CACFP 14-2014 2014 Edition of Eligibility Manual for School Meals Memo
CACFP 14-2014 Manual 2014 Edition of the Eligibility Manual for School Meals
CACFP 13-2014 Instructions Instructions for Determining Eligibility Based on Census Data
CACFP 13-2014 Area Eligibility Using Census Data
CACFP 12-2014 Disaster Response
CACFP 11-2014 Sharing Aggregate Data to Expand Program Access and Services in Child Nutrition Programs
CACFP 10-2014 Area Eligibility Using Census Data
CACFP 09-2014 Guidance on Reallocation of CACFP Audit Funds
CACFP 08-2014 Attachment SAE Reallocation Guidelines
CACFP 08-2014 FY 2014 Reallocation of State Administrative Expense Funds
CACFP 07-2014 Guidance on Income Eligibility Determinations and Duration
CACFP 06-2014 Effective Date of Free or Reduced Price Meal Eligibility Determinations
CACFP 05-2014 Smoothies Offered in Child Nutrition Programs
CACFP 04-2014 CACFP Needs Assessment Research LaunchÂ
CACFP 03-2014 Available Flexibilities for CACFP At-risk Sponsors and Centers Transitioning to Summer Food Service Program
CACFP 02-2014 Use of School and Census Data
CACFP 01-2014 Census Data Release: Fiscal Year 2014
Fiscal Year 2014 USDA Memos
CACFP 13-2015 Statements Supporting Accommodations for Children with Disabilities in the Child Nutrition Programs
CACFP 12-2015 Guidance on Prohibition of Separation by Gender during CNP Meal Service
CACFP 11-2015 Local foods in the Child and Adult Care Food Program
CACFP 10-2015 CN Labels Copied with a Watermark Acceptable Documentation
CACFP 09-2015 Administrative Review Process Regarding the Child Nutrition (CN) Label, Watermarked CN Label and Manufacturer’s Product Formulation Statement
CACFP 08-2015 Assessing Costs in the Child and Adult Care Food Program
CACFP 08-2015

Tip Sheet

Tip Sheet: Assessing Costs in the Child and Adult Care Food Program
CACFP 07-2015 Guidance on Reallocation of Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) Audit Funds
CACFP 06-2015 FY2015 Reallocation of SAE Funds in Child Nutrition ProgramsÂ
CACFP05-2015 Health and Safety Inspection Requirements
CACFP04-2015 Area Eligibility in Child Nutrition Programs
CACFP03-2015 Written Codes of Conduct and Performance of Employees Engaged in Award and Administration of Contracts
CACFP02-2015 Role and Requirements of Administrative Review Officials
CACFP01-2015 Duration of Income Eligibility Determinations: Guidance and Q&As
Fiscal Year 2014 VDH Memos
CACFP 08-2014 VDH Administrative Review Fiscal Action