Community HIV Planning Group

The Virginia Community HIV Planning Group (CHPG) is made up of service providers, state agency representatives, educators, members of the faith community, and HIV-affected citizens who work cooperatively to develop a broad HIV prevention and care plan for the Commonwealth of Virginia. HIV planning is a critical process by which health departments (HDs) work in partnership with the community and key stakeholders to enhance access to HIV prevention, care, and treatment services for the highest-risk populations. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) mandates the process for all states receiving their federal prevention funding.

The Virginia planning group was formed in 1994 in compliance with requirements from CDC. Since 1994 there have been many changes in prevention approaches to HIV, mostly brought about by medical advances in the treatment of the disease and new advances in HIV testing. In 2011, CHPG became a planning group for HIV Care Services at VDH as well as HIV Prevention in order to more effectively address HIV issues in Virginia.


The goals of community HIV planning align with the National HIV/AIDS Strategy, which are:

  • Reduce new HIV infections in Virginia
  • Increase access to care and improve health outcomes for people living with HIV; and
  • Reduce HIV-related health disparities.

The HIV planning process is centered on identifying community members, key stakeholders, and other HIV service providers involved in HIV prevention, care, and treatment services to participate in a comprehensive engagement process.

After stakeholders are identified, the results-oriented engagement process begins. This process aims to promote collaborative, coordinated, and seamless access to HIV prevention, care, and treatment services, including mental health and substance abuse, to achieve the greatest impact on reducing incidence and HIV-related health disparities.

After completing the engagement process, the third step begins, which is centered on developing, implementing, and monitoring the Jurisdictional HIV Prevention Plan. The Virginia Jurisdictional HIV Prevention Plan is a five-year planning document that is updated annually in order to address emerging needs and changes. The CHPG informs and monitors the development and implementation of the Plan and its updates, ensuring that affected communities are heard, and that the outcomes of reducing HIV incidence and HIV-related health disparities in Virginia are met.


The CHPG, as described in its bylaws, must be comprised of no less than 25 members and no more than 35 members. Members are selected from a pool of nominees to represent the epidemic in Virginia in terms of age, race, sex, sexual orientation, HIV risk, geographic locality and a variety of other life experiences and professional expertise. State agencies are also represented. To contact any of the representatives, please contact Elaine Martin, health department co-chair at or (804) 864-7962.

Applying for Membership

Persons seeking membership on the Committee must complete a confidential application form. The application process is ongoing and there is no deadline for submission.  Applications are kept on file for two years and are considered as vacancies arise or membership terms end.

Members are asked to make a two year commitment to the community planning process. The full committee meets 6-8 times per year in Richmond for day-long meetings. Subcommittee meetings are held periodically in a variety of locations. Members are expected to be active participants. Attendance requirements are strict and members who fail to attend on a regular basis are removed from Committee membership. Members are reimbursed for travel expenses, meals, and lodging.

Individuals interested in membership may call (804) 864-8015 for more information or may follow the link below to print the application:

Membership Application

Questions or comments?

Contact or (804) 864-7962