Monitoring and Evaluation

Funded agencies are required to engage in Monitoring & Evaluation activities. Monitoring & Evaluation is an embedded concept and an essential component of every DDP HIV Prevention project or program.

  • Monitoring is a systematic and routine collection of data from HIV Prevention programs and interventions. Monitoring allows agencies to check their progress against their plans. The data acquired through monitoring are used for evaluation.
  • Evaluation is assessing — as systematically and objectively as possible — the quality and effectiveness of a program or intervention. Evaluation allows agencies to determine not only if intended outcomes are being met, but also how and why these outcomes are being met. This information is used in ongoing planning processes.

In addition to quarterly progress reports, funded agencies are required to use EvaluationWeb to collect key monitoring data. EvaluationWeb is an online data collection system created and managed through Luther Consulting. Funded agencies should maintain an accurate and complete set-up of their programs in EvaluationWeb, including informing DDP when interventions, sites, and users need to be added or removed. The Add Site and Add Intervention forms should be used in this process.

Funded agencies are responsible for using EvaluationWeb regularly and correctly. DDP is committed to assisting funded agencies with this process. The link below will take you to an EvaluationWeb Orientation Packet. This packet is a toolkit for new staff to acquaint themselves with the database, and for existing staff to review for ongoing guidance. Additionally, technical assistance and training is available from DDP.

Another useful resource is the EvaluationWeb help page, particularly the User Guides and Quick References section.