HIV Prevention

Division of Disease Prevention

The Division of Disease Prevention HIV Prevention Program is funded primarily through a cooperative agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Additional support is provided through state funding. The CDC grant supports a range of activities that include: counseling and testing, referral and partner counseling and referral services, health education/risk reduction services, condom distribution, public information, a toll-free hotline, capacity building, technical assistance, training, quality assurance, and evaluation.

More than $2,500,000 is provided annually to community-based organizations and health districts to support prevention and community-based HIV testing programs. The Division funds eight grant programs that target the priority populations identified by the Virginia Community HIV Planning Group.

Events Calendar

Adding Events to the Calendar

The Division of Disease Prevention will share upcoming events for community organizations on our events calendar above.  To have your event listed on our calendar and shared on our Facebook Page, please fill out the Event Submission Form and follow the instructions to return it to our Social Media Coordinator.  Once the form has been received with the details of your event(s), your event will be shared on the calendar and on our Facebook.

Capacity Building, Technical Assistance and Training

The HIV Prevention Unit offers a range of services and workshops to enhance community-based organization infrastructure and delivery of evidence-based HIV prevention interventions.

Trainings topics may include the following areas:

  • High impact interventions and public health strategies*
  • Grant Writing
  • Fiscal Management
  • Transgender Health
  • Faith-based initiatives

*For a full list of high impact interventions and public health strategies, see

Community-based organizations funded by VDH to provide HIV prevention interventions may also access capacity building and technical assistance from a national network of providers through CDC’s Capacity Building Assistance Program (CBA). To request CBA, contact your VDH contract monitor.

Condom Distribution Program

Have You Ordered Your Free Condoms?

As part of its efforts to reduce HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STI), the Division of Disease Prevention is committed to making free condoms accessible and available across Virginia, particularly in communities at increased risk of HIV/STIs.

DDP has over 100 condom distribution partners, and would welcome more.  Both health districts and community partners are eligible for the VDH Condom Distribution Program.  Organizations may order up to 25,000 condoms for each quarter (100,000 a year) and those with multiple sites may be approved to order more.  Smaller quantities of female condoms and non-latex condoms are also available.  As of January 2017, Trojan Magnum condoms are now available through the condom distribution program.

If you would like to participate, please contact Beth Marschak at or (804) 864-8008.  If you are already a participating agency and need to order more condoms, please fill out the condom order form and follow the instructions to return it to VDH.