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Managing HIV and Hepatitis C Outbreaks Among People Who Inject Drugs: A Guide for State and Local Health Departments

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released Managing HIV and HCV Outbreaks Among People Who Inject Drugs: A Guide for State and Local Health Departments.  The document includes 19 chapters to assist health departments in preparing for and responding to outbreaks of HIV and/or Hepatitis C (HCV) among people who inject drugs.  The guide also includes a checklist of considerations for management of HIV and HCV outbreaks among people who inject drugs.

Virginia Integrated HIV Services Plan 2017-2021

VDH’s Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plan serves as a road map for HIV services for the state. It identifies goals, objectives, and activities that needed to stop the spread of HIV in Virginia. The plan will also improve health outcomes for those living with HIV in the state.

For more information about the plan, contact Ashley Yocum, HIV Care Services Planner, at Kristen Donovan, HIV Prevention Services Planner, may also be contacted at

To view each Section of the Plan, click on each Section link as needed.  Section I: Statewide Coordinated Statement of Need.  Section II: Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plan.  Section III: Monitoring and Improvement.  Appendix A. Financial Resources Inventory.  Appendix - B. Integrated HIV Services Plan.  Appendix - C. Letters of Concurrence.

VDH thanks all those that participated in the development of the Plan. Without their help, the plan would not be possible.

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Archive Page

DDP archives reports, publications, and other documents from their website after approximately five years.  You can find an archive page by clicking here.  If there is an older report or publication you are trying to find, please visit our Contact Us page and contact the appropriate unit.

Below is a list of brochures that have been reviewed and approved by VDH.  Each item includes a title, short description, and thumbnail to the full file, if available.  If you wish to order any of the below materials, please fill out a copy of the HIV/STD Literature Request Form and follow the instructions for its return.


HIV Testing: What You Should Know.  HD02A-C, HS02.

This brochure is available in three different cover options in English. It is also available in Spanish. Written in plain language, this brochure defines HIV, how it is transmitted, and who should consider getting a test.  It talks about types of testing that is available and resources if you test negative or positive. HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is also discussed.

Sexually Transmitted Infections: What You Should Know.  HD03, HS03.

A brochure that includes the basics on sexually transmitted infections (STIs).  Brochure also includes a fold-out table that covers the type of testing, symptoms, and treatment for each type of STI.  Brochure is also available in Spanish.

Genital Herpes.  HD05, HS05.

A brochure with basic information on genital herpes.  Also available in Spanish.

Genital HPV.  HD09, HS09.

A brochure with basic information on genital  HPV.  Also available in Spanish.

Guidelines for School Attendance.  HD11.

VDH guidelines for preventing bloodborne infections in schools.  Includes model guidelines for school attendance for children with HIV, Virginia School Health Guidelines Appendix C: Universal Precautions and Infectious Diseases, and a Communicable Disease Reference Chart for School Personnel.

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease.  HD13, HS13.

A brochure with basic information on pelvic inflammatory disease.  Also available in Spanish.

Bacterial Vaginosis.  HD15, HS15.

A brochure with basic information on bacterial vaginosis.

Transgender Health Risk Assessment: A Clinician's Guide.  HD18.

This brochure is designed for clinicians.  It contains guidance on assessing health risks for transgender persons.  Basic information about transgender persons is provided, including definitions of common terms and recommended resources related to transgender health.

 PrEP: Take Charge.  HD20, HS20.

A brochure with basics on PrEP, resources, and info on how to talk to your doctor about PrEP.  Also available in Spanish.

Sex, Relationships, and Getting Tested.  HD21.

A small fold-out that includes information linking HIV testing, relationships, and domestic violence.  Basic information is included as well as resources.

Disclosure Assistance Postcards.

A pack of nine brochures. Each brochure includes information on disclosure assistance services.  Basic information is included as well as the types of services and why they are important.

I Got Tested: What's Next? Brochure

A brochure developed for persons interested in HIV testing.  Provides resources and next steps for those that test HIV-negative or HIV-positive.  Available in English and in Spanish.  Produced by Greater Than AIDS.

I Got Tested Handbills

Handbills with different slogans that promote HIV testing.  The reverse side of the card has a URL for a testing locator, as well as the Virginia Disease Prevention Hotline printed.  Produced by Greater Than AIDS.


"Infection Control" Universal Precaution.  VP03.

A visual guide outlining infection control

Deemed Consent.  VP09.

The guidelines for deemed consent.  Guidelines are also printed in Spanish on the reverse side.  All local health districts should have these guidelines posted in their clinics.

Disclosure Assistance Poster.

A set of four posters promoting the importance of disclosure assistance services.  The set of posters is also available in Spanish.

Syphilis: It Doesn't Matter How You Got It

A poster promoting syphilis treatment.  Also available in Spanish.

Checklist for a Healthy Start.

A poster showing a checklist for a healthy baby and promoting HIV testing.  Also available in Spanish.

PrEP Clinician Poster

A poster showing steps for providing care for PrEP patients based on 2014 Clinical Practice Guidelines.  Poster is for clinical providers.

Social Media

If you wish to use any of the below images for social media, click on the thumbnail of the image for the full file.  You can then save the image and use it on your social media platforms.  These images were created as part of a contract between VDH and different organizations.  For information on contracts that may be available through VDH currently, please check the Virginia procurement portal at the bottom of the site.  Additional social media or electronic resources may be available from the below campaigns.  If you are interested, please contact Chris Barnett, Social Media Coordinator.

IGT Profile Photo

A small square photo intended to be used as a profile photo to promote HIV testing.  Produced by Greater Than AIDS.

NHTD Cover Photo

A cover photo used for observance of National HIV Testing Day.  Produced by Greater Than AIDS.

WAD Profile Photo

A small square photo commemorating World AIDS Day.  Produced by Greater Than AIDS.

WAD Cover Photo

A cover photo used commemorating World AIDS Day.  Produced by Greater Than AIDS.

NLHAAD Profile Photo

A small square photo used in observance of National Latino HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.  Produced by Greater Than AIDS.

NLHAAD Cover Photo

A cover photo used in observance of National Latino HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.  Produced by Greater Than AIDS.

NGMHAAD Profile Photo

A small square photo used for National Gay Men's HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.  Produced by Greater Than AIDS.

NGMHAAD Cover Photo

A cover photo used for National Gay Men's HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.  Produced by Greater Than AIDS.

NWGHAAD Profile Photo

A small square photo used in observance of National Women and Girl's HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.  Produced by Greater Than AIDS.

Empowered Profile Photo

A small square photo used to promote the Empowered video series.  Produced by Greater Than AIDS.

Empowered Cover Photo

A cover photo used to promote the Empowered video series.  Could be used in conjunction with National Women and Girl's HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.  Produced by Greater Than AIDS.

Alicia Keys Empowered Cover Photo

An alternate photo used to promote the Empowered video series.  Features Alicia Keys and the Empowered ambassadors.  Produced by Greater Than AIDS.

Somos Familia Cover Photo

A cover photo used to promote the Somos Familia campaign.  Produced by Greater Than AIDS.

Fact Sheets

Other agencies or individuals that are considered partners to VDH DDP in delivering services and programs may find valuable resources on this page.  Some resources included on this page include instructions on how to navigate to training or capacity building, VDH DDP forms, information on the condom distribution program, and more.

Capacity Building, Technical Assistance, and Training

The HIV Prevention Unit offers a range of services and workshops to enhance community-based organization infrastructure and delivery of evidence-based HIV prevention interventions. Training topics may include high impact interventions, public health strategies*, grant writing, fiscal management, transgender health, or faith-based initiatives. *For a full list of high impact interventions and public health strategies, see Community-based organizations funded by VDH to provide HIV prevention interventions may also access capacity building and technical assistance from a national network of providers through CDC’s Capacity Building Assistance Program (CBA). To request CBA, contact your VDH contract monitor.

Partner Agency Forms

·  Budget Reallocation Request in Microsoft Excel format

·  Coordination of Care and Services Agreement Form (CCSA): This form allows the client and the agency that provides services to identify and select available community resources. The goals are to help coordinate services, assist with closing the referral loop, and allow for easier linkages to care.

·  Epi-1 Form: Non-laboratory healthcare facilities needing to report a case of a reportable condition should complete and mail the Epi-1 form, or confidential morbidity report, to their local health department. An Epi-1 form includes data on patient demographics, diagnosis, laboratory confirmation, reporting facility, and treatment.

·  Congenital Syphilis Case Investigation and Report Form: This form is completed when a healthcare provider suspects a case of congenital syphilis.

·  Literature Request Form

Condom Distribution Program

Have You Ordered Your Free Condoms? As part of its efforts to reduce HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STI), the Division of Disease Prevention is committed to making free condoms accessible and available across Virginia, particularly in communities at increased risk of HIV/STIs. DDP has over 100 condom distribution partners, and would welcome more.  Both health districts and community partners are eligible for the VDH Condom Distribution Program.  Organizations may order up to 25,000 condoms for each quarter (100,000 a year) and those with multiple sites may be approved to order more.  Smaller quantities of female condoms and non-latex condoms are also available.  As of January 2017, Trojan Magnum condoms are now available through the condom distribution program. If you would like to participate, please contact Beth Marschak at or (804) 864-8008.  If you are already a participating agency and need to order more condoms, please fill out the condom order form and follow the instructions to return it to VDH.

Patient Navigator Locations

Agency Name Navigator Names/Email Addresses Agency Phone
Northern Health Region
Inova Juniper Elyse WatersTom Decker, Antonio Brown (703) 321-2600
Institute for Public Health Innovation
(IPHI) located at Nova Salud
Freddy Zambrano (703) 533-1858
Northwest Health Region
University of Virginia Vikki Towsey, Les RobertsEsther Gritsko,
Jaimi Cannata
(434) 982-1700
IPHI located at FAHASS Douglas Fogal (540) 907-4555
Central Health Region
Health Brigade Christina Kincaid, Jihad Abdul-Mumit,
Emily Westerholm
(804) 358-6343
Richmond City Health Department Justin Wallace (804) 482-5500
Virginia Commonwealth University Angela Coleman, Robert Judon (804) 828-6163
Eastern Health Region
Eastern Virginia Medical School Beverly Franklin (757) 446-8999
International Black Women's Congress Beryl Howcott, Jesse Bailey, Terrence Wilson (757) 625-0500
LGBT Life Center Jarrell Hargraves, Robin Wilson, Lafeyette Williams,
Jacqueline MorrisonJasmine Johnson
(757) 640-0929
Minority AIDS Support Services Gwendolyn Ellis-Wilson, Stephanie Northern,
Ashley Brown
(757) 247-1879
Urban League of Hampton Roads Stephen Williams, Charles Winslow, Sonya Phillips,
Thalessa Billups, Priscilla Smith, Ernest Rowland
(757) 627-0684
Southwest Health Region
Carilion Clinic Felicia Davis (540) 981-7715
Council of Community Services Todd Rothrock, Adam Cheslow, Tonya Segura (540) 982-2437

Other Resources