Virginia AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP)

The Virginia (VA) AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) provides access to life-saving medications for the treatment of HIV and related illnesses for low-income clients through the provision of medications or through assistance with insurance premiums and medication co-payments. The program is primarily supported with federal Ryan White (RW) Treatment Extension Act Part B grant funding, which is distributed by a formula based on living HIV and AIDS cases to all states and territories in the United States. VA ADAP provides insurance cost support or directly purchased medications through four service options: Direct ADAP, the Medicare Part D Assistance Program (MPAP), the Insurance Continuation Assistance Program (ICAP) and the Health Insurance Marketplace Assistance Program (HIMAP).

Virginia ADAP had a very high number of calls during the time to enroll clients into insurance options.  We added an emergency phone line and made changes to the ADAP Hotline staffing.  We studied the issue and ways to improve our performance.  Now, staff are not only answering all calls daily, but also addressing issues within 24 hours.  The emergency line is no longer in use as of March 10, 2017.  Please continue calling 1-855-362-0658 to reach a Virginia ADAP staff member.

Clinical Support and Policy Development

In 1996, an ADAP Advisory Committee was created. The committee is comprised of HIV/AIDS medical providers, a pharmacist, and consumers. The committee advises VDH on changes to the formulary, changes in eligibility criteria, adherence issues, and educational concerns. The committee reviews data on ADAP utilization and assess budgetary implications of trends and program changes.

For more information about the committee, please see the ADAP Advisory Committee Scope.

ADAP Enrollment Numbers*

Total 6,281
Direct ADAP 1,853
Medicare Part D Assistance Program (MPAP) 578
Insurance Continuation Assistance Program 576
Health Insurance Marketplace Assistance Program (HIMAP, clients in ACA) 3,313

Hepatitis C/HIV Co-Infected Treatment Assistance Program Enrollment Numbers*

Number of clients that have accessed program 88
Number of clients that have completed treatment 76
Number of clients in treatment 6


ADAP Eligibility

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ADAP Dashboards updated March 2015

Questions or comments? 

Medication Eligibility Hotline 1-855-362-0658

*Enrollment numbers as of August 2017