Information for Laboratories

Under provisions of the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA), laboratories must be certified by the Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services (DCLS) to perform microbiological and chemical analysis of drinking water for public water systems in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Office of Drinking Water (ODW) of the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) has been given primary authority in the Commonwealth of Virginia to oversee the requirements of SDWA. The ODW receives the data that results from the analysis of drinking water samples, and the Lab Admin Group in the ODW is here to assist those certified laboratories with the reporting of analytical results. We will be happy to help you with the electronic reporting program, as well as answer any laboratory related questions and/or concerns that you may have. Please reference our Laboratory FAQ’s document, or contact us at

General Laboratory Reporting Information


Preferred method – .csv files should be e-mailed to

Electronic Reporting Information


By Fax – Reports may be faxed to the appropriate field office(s)
– Field Office Contact Information

By Mail – Reports may be mailed to the appropriate field office(s)
– Field Office Contact Information

Compliance Monitoring Data Portal

CMDP is an EPA maintained web-based reporting application that gives certified laboratories and public water systems the ability to report sample results and monthly operational data directly to the Virginia Department of Health, Office of Drinking Water.

To Begin Using CMDP

  1. Identify which type of user credentials best fit your role. Please reference the User Registration Guide.
  2. Register in EPA's Shared CROMERR Services (SCS) Test site.
  3. After ODW receives and approves your request from SCS, sign up in CMDP Pre-Production.  This is the test environment before moving into CMDP Production.
  4. Submit a minimum of 3 successful test files that reflect the data types commonly reported by your lab.  These are not compliance data.  The test files ensure there are no technical issues before moving into the production environment. CMDP offers three method for reporting data

Note: Once Virginia implements the CMDP Production Phase the remaining steps will be posted

Reporting Options:

  1. Web Entry
  2. XLS/XML files
  3. Web Services (for those using LIMS)

Training Material for File Submission



Laboratories must report all positive Total Coliform and/or E.Coli results and other contaminants’ results that exceeded their Maximum Contaminant Levels (MCLs) to the appropriate field office’s Alert E-mail within 24 hours

Field Office Contact Information

Monitoring Schedules

Laboratory Updates