Information for Waterworks Operators

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This page has been created to help waterworks operators readily find information regarding licensure in Virginia and training opportunities – whether resident training or distance learning. The advancement of waterworks operators through professional development and advancement through the classes of licensure is a priority goal for the Office of Drinking Water. For it is the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the operator on which the efficacy of the treatment processes, equipment, and facilities depend. Information presented falls into two sectors – issues concerning licensure (from how to prepare to how to get an application) and those concerning your professional development. When possible, we try to provide you the link to the source of that information to ensure that you have access to the latest information available. If you discover that a link is no longer active or that the web address has changed, please notify our Web Manager.

State governments, such as Virginia, are approved to implement these rules and drinking water standards for EPA through the Waterworks Regulations. Virginia has established secondary standards (nuisance-related) for drinking water in the Waterworks Regulations also.