Competency-based EMT Programs

Competency-based EMT Programs

The Training & Certification Committee is working toward finalizing a major revision to TR-90A.  OEMS anticipates that this newly revised document will make it through the final approval process in late winter or early spring of 2020.

On May 5, 2017, the EMS Advisory Board approved a new list of competencies for those programs required or optionally using competency tracking in EMT Courses in Virginia. All new accredited EMT courses beginning after May 5, 2017 should use the new list linked here: TR-90a EMT Competency Form

Competency-based EMT Program Outline

Competency-based EMT Program Tracking Sheet

Special thanks to Jason Ambrose at Tidewater Community College—one of the pilot program participants—for his work updating/refreshing the Pilot Program scenarios listed below to reflect the new Virginia the Virginia Emergency Medical Services Education Standards (VEMSES).