EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES Approved Training (EMSAT)                                                           

No new EMSAT programs will be produced. However, the Office of EMS continues to promote the availability of free online course content.  Previously recorded EMSAT programs will continue to be available until a review determines they are outdated and no longer useful for EMS education.

The office promotes various opportunities to provide quality educational experiences to Virginia EMS providers.  As new opportunities develop, we will post them to our web site.  Information about free EMSAT programming along with other online opportunities is located on our website at http://www.vdh.virginia.gov/emergency-medical-services/education-certification/provider-resources/web-based-continuing-education.

The Office of EMS wishes to congratulate Mr. Terry Coy on his retirement on June 1, 2019 after nearly 28.5 years.  Although his departure is sad, we wish only the best for Terry as he begins this next period in his life journey.  The Office is extremely proud of EMSAT, created and nurtured by Terry since coming to work at the office in 1991.  It was at a time of change in how EMS providers met their recertification requirements and opened the door for alternative educational delivery.  EMSAT offers quality EMS training to primarily rural Virginia EMS and fire crews.

We have greatly enjoyed working with Terry. His dedication, expertise, knowledge, and leadership helped the Office lead the nation in EMS education.

Supported by the EMS community for over 28 years, EMSAT was made possible by the assistance of site coordinators, input from viewers, the many excellent EMS educators who donated and shared their time and expertise, and the Regional EMS Councils who maintain a lending library of previously recorded episodes.