EMS Portal Login Problems

Resetting Your Virginia EMS Portal Password

First Time User Name and Password Information

Virginia EMS Portal Initial Login Credentials

  • Username = Your Certification or EMS Number
  • Password =  The default password for first-time access to the Virginia EMS Portal is your date of birth followed be the first three (3) digits of
    your SSN.  For example: If your birthday were on February 29, 1970 and your SSN is 123-45-6789, then your initial password would be ‘02291970123’.

Don’t Give Up!

If you have never logged into the Virginia EMS Portal click here for more information.  Remember, your Username = your CERTIFICATION NUMBER.

If you are still having difficulty accessing the EMS Portal, please call the Office of EMS at 804-888-9120 and ask to speak to Norma or Chad.  OEMS staff is available Monday – Friday during normal business hours, except for state/federal holidays.