Scholarship FAQ’s for Students

The following is a list of frequently asked questions by students about the Virginia EMS Scholarship Program.  If you do not see your question here, please e-mail Chad Blosser ( so we can update this list.



Can I apply for a scholarship for a course/program that did not charge me tuition?

No.  You must have been charged tuition for your training program in order to apply for and be considered for a scholarship.  The Office of EMS cannot authorize payment of a scholarship to an individual who has received something for free.


Can I apply for a scholarship if I have received a citation?

No.  EMS providers with a citation or a current OEMS imposed enforcement action from the Division of Regulation and Compliance are not eligible to apply for a scholarship.


Once the Virginia EMS Scholarship Award is determined, how long will it be before the student receives a check?

Scholarship checks will not be cut until after the course begin date in the Office of EMS database.  Once the course has started, it should take approximately 30-45 days for the student to receive the scholarship check.


I understand a Virginia Substitute W-9 is required in order to apply for the scholarship.  Where can I get a copy of this form?

The Virginia Substitute W-9 Form can be downloaded from the following link: 

Can I see the contract that I will be required to sign for the Virginia EMS Scholarship Program?

Yes.  You can download a sample by clicking here: EMS Training Fund – Scholarship Program Contract 2018-2019