How to Maintain your EMS Certification

To maintain your EMS certification in Virginia, EMS providers must complete and submit the state requirements for recertification PRIOR TO THEIR CERTIFICATION EXPIRATION.  Recertification requires that the Office of EMS receives all continuing education (CE) requirements prior to the providers EMS certification expiration to prevent the provider from being placed in re-entry status.

REMEMBER: Virginia EMS Providers cannot practice without a current Virginia certification card.

Once the recertification requirements are satisfied and if received by the Office of EMS prior to the certification expiration date, the following will occur:

  • No further action required of the provider.  Recertification of the provider will occur automatically during the month of their expiration and a new card will be issued.

  • The new process allows the provider to recertify early, should they choose to do so.  Once a provider has complied with all recertification criteria prior to their certification expiration date, the following will appear in their EMS portal:

  • By checking this box, the provider’s certification will be processed that evening and a new certification card will be issued the next day.  This allows providers who wish to forfeit any remaining time on their current certification to do so and recertify early.

  • This is primarily seen as an option for those who wish to keep both their Virginia certification and their National Registry certification continuing education on the same rotation.  Remember, this is optional; you are only required to maintain your Virginia certification.  The Office of EMS encourages that you maintain both if you possess dual certification.

Legal Recognition—Maintaining your EMS Certification, click here.


CE Requirements: