National Registry Guidance

The Virginia Office of EMS no longer has access to certification exams that are validated, psychometrically sound and legally defensible.

On July 1, 2012, the Virginia Office of EMS transitioned its BLS testing processes from state testing to the National Registry of EMT’s. Transitioning to National Registry allows Virginia to:

  • Standardize the entire initial certification process.
  • Be fully compliant with the National EMS Education documents.

Virginia now recognizes reciprocity for all National Registry certifications.

  • For Virginia trained EMS providers, reciprocity is an automated process.
  • For individuals coming into Virginia from outside the state, reciprocity is paper-based.

This page is one-stop shopping for information and documentation pertaining to the National Registry testing process.

National Registry/Pearson VUE Test Sites

Gaining National Registry Certification Upon Turning 18

EMR/EMT Testing Information Sheet

National Registry Recertification Guidelines Revised 10-1-2018

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Current Students

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