Agency Roster and CE Reports

For the past year, the Office of EMS has been developing an improved system for tracking EMS provider agency affiliation as well as expanding agency administrative access to affiliated provider data/records.  This new system was launched on December 5, 2011.

Due to structural changes in the database specific to agency affiliations, we can no longer guarantee the integrity of the data on the old system.  Therefore, access to the old system has been terminated.

On December 5, 2011, the Office notified the Chief Executive Officer of each Virginia licensed EMS agency with information on how to apply for access to the new system.

These new agency specific features have been built into the existing EMS Portal—utilized by EMS Providers and Instructors alike—which will enable agency administrators to delegate authority and access to their affiliated personnel as they see fit.

This new system will implement ‘real-time’ access to records and increase the security surrounding access to provider and agency data.   We will be moving away from a ‘single login and password’ shared by numerous personnel to unique user logins where transactions can be more easily tracked.

Feedback from the field includes:

“This portal is the greatest thing OEMS has done as far as being able to keep up with providers and their hours…this is a great step.”

Ernest Terry
EMS Chief
Mount Hermon Volunteer Fire & Rescue