EMS Education Coordinator Recertification Requirements

According to the EMS Regulations:

12VAC5-31-1552. EMS education coordinator recertification process.

A. To be eligible to recertify, the EMS education coordinator shall:

1. Maintain his provider certification.
2. Teach a minimum of 50 hours of initial certification or Category 1 CE and provide documentation of completion submitted in a process established by OEMS.
3. Complete one EMS education coordinator update in the three-year certification period.
4. Submit an EMS education coordinator application to include endorsement from an EMS physician.

B. Upon completion of the recertification requirements, the EMS education coordinator will receive an “Eligibility Notice” and must take and pass the EMS education coordinator recertification examination.

C. All recertification requirements must be completed and submitted to OEMS prior to the certification expiration date.

12VAC5-31-1553. EMS education coordinator reentry.

A. If an EMS education coordinator does not complete or submit all recertification requirements prior to his expiration date, he will go into a two-year reentry period.

B. During the reentry, the EMS education coordinator will not be allowed to coordinate any certification   or CE courses. Any current courses in progress at the time of loss of EMS education coordinator certification will be suspended.

C. All outstanding recertification requirements shall be completed during the reentry period.

D. Failure to complete all recertification requirements during the reentry period will require the provider to complete the entire certification process as prescribed in 12VAC5-31-1551.

EC’s Can track their progress towards recertification through the EMS Portal:

New as of Summer 2018, the portal has been updated no longer requiring the physician recommendation forms to be uploaded. Now physicians will approve EC recertifications via their portal. When an EC selects a physician from the drop down, it will automatically notify the physician that there is an application pending for approval. Once the physician confirms the recommendation from their portal, the recommendation status and expiration date will be populated for the EC to see. As this is a new process, we strongly encourage EC’s to have a conversation with the physician who is recommending their recertification.

Below is a quick video guide to show educators how to access the quiz:

If you have any questions regarding the EC recertification process, please contact Chad Blosser or call 804.888.9124.