EMS Training Funds Program

The Virginia Office of EMS Emergency Medical Services Training Funds program was developed and implemented by the Office in 2008 following the authorization of additional funding by the Virginia General Assembly. In 2007, the Virginia General Assembly created a legislative subcommittee (HJR-743) to look into different ways to incentivize current volunteer fire and EMS personnel as well as to look at ways to assist with recruitment and retention of new personnel into the volunteer ranks.

The HJR-743 Committee reviewed several different proposals and settled on requesting that the current “$4 for Life” program be increased by .25 cents with all proceeds of the additional monies being directed to the training and continuing education of EMS personnel.

This program is a contract based funding program which is outcomes and performance based.  An outcomes-performance model is used in order to ensure that the limited taxpayer dollars used to fund this program are spent to increase the ranks of active, affiliated EMS personnel in the Commonwealth ensuring a high return on investment.  The Office takes seriously its responsibility for managing all monies under its budgetary control and the EMS Training Fund program is no exception.

The Emergency Medical Services Training Funds are monies available for EMS Certification programs, auxiliary programs and continuing education programs whose lessons are based upon or resemble the learning objectives in the United States Department of Transportation’s Intermediate-99 and Paramedic curricula and the Enhanced curricula as defined in 12VAC5-31.

The EMS Training Fund program is designed to provide financial assistance for Virginia certified EMS providers and Virginia Office of EMS approved Emergency Medical Services courses. These funds are only open to non-profit entities and individuals’ participating in Virginia’s EMS System and shall supplement local support for Emergency Medical Services Courses.

Contractors Disqualified from Participating in EMSTF:

The EMSTF contracts, in Section IV. Special Terms and Conditions, subsection C. Contractor Disqualification for EMSTF Contracts, explicitly states:

“Neither the contractor submitting a request for EMSTF contract nor any subcontractor shall have had any enforcement actions occur within the last five (5) years. An enforcement action is defined in 12VAC5-31, EMS Regulations. The contractor and any subcontractors shall not be on the Vendor Debarment List maintained by the Commonwealth’s Department of General Services.”

The following document contains the list of instructors who currently are not eligible to contract or subcontract in EMSTF funded courses:

Performance Measure Evaluation (Informational for FY16):

Beginning July 1, 2015; OEMS started comparatively evaluating pass rates for instructors against their peers in Virginia and National Registry scores. The data being evaluated is looked at independently by level of initial certification. For FY16 this information is being provided on an informational basis, and will not have any bearing on an instructor’s ability to obtain EMSTF funding. Beginning July 1, 2016 this information will be utilized to determine eligibility for an instructor to obtain EMSTF funding.

Eligibility will be defined based upon an instructor’s pass rate being above the 16th percentile. The 16th percentile is calculated based upon those students who were marked as passed on the CSDR, have successfully completed practical testing, and have taken the National Registry of EMT’s written exam. The third attempt percentage on the NREMT written exam is used to calculate eligibility. Instructor eligibility calculations are determined twice per fiscal year (at the beginning of the fiscal year and 6 months into the fiscal year). The most recent instructor pass rates can be viewed in the following document:

If you have questions about the EMS Training Funds program, please feel free to contact Warren Short, the EMS Training Funds Contract Administrator via e-mail.