Grant Program Downloads

E-Gift User Guides:

E-Gift User Guides for Licensed EMS Agencies – A licensed EMS Agency is an agency that is authorized by the Office of EMS to provide emergency medical services in the state as an EMS agency.

E-Gift User Guide for Non-Licensed EMS Agencies –  A non-licensed EMS Agency is an agency that is not authorized by the Office of EMS to provide Emergency medical services in the state, for example EMS Regional Council, Community College, Sheriff’s Office, 911 Centers, and Volunteer Fire Department.

Grant Information:

  • OEMS Price Listing (January 2016)
  • General Grant Information – General RSAF Grant information including Priorities for Funding, Items Not Eligible for Funding, Review Process, Evaluation Criteria, and Grading Scale.
  • Special Condition 32 – Instructions for Managing your Vehicles in VPHIB
  • VPHIB Questionnaire
  • Virginia Department of Fire Programs – Conference and Education Assistance Grant – The purpose of the Conference and Education Assistance Grant Program is to provide needed financial support for training conferences and seminars sponsored by Virginia-based non-profit organizations that further the education of fire and emergency services personnel throughout the Commonwealth. Applications will be received and reviewed annually and shall be postmarked by May 1 each year for the immediately following fiscal year.
  • Virginia Grants Portal – This site allows you to navigate through millions of dollars in federal, state, and private funding opportunities that are made available to agencies, organizations and individuals for a variety of critical needs.  This is a one-stop resource that compiles and regularly updates these often hard to find opportunities. Virginia Grants also offers important resources for navigating the complex grants-application process.

Grant Awards:

For more information on the Grant Applications contact either Amanda Davis ( or Linwood Pulling( at (804) 888-9100.