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Virginia Office of EMS Implements New Education Divisions

As the Virginia Office of EMS continues to grow and advance to meet the ever-changing needs of Virginia’s EMS System, we are implementing new improvements that address the requirements of EMS education in Virginia on a national level. We are excited to announce that we have created two new divisions that will mirror the vision of the national EMS educational standards. The Division of Educational Development will be converted into two divisions, which will allow for a more cohesive and streamlined approach to the mission of our office.

The first new division will be known as the Division of Accreditation, Certification and Education (ACE). This new division will focus on the performance of the EMS education system as well as further improvement and concentration on the caliber of education delivered. The next new division will be known as the Division of Consolidated Testing and Video Broadcasts. This division will be responsible for consolidated testing and the production and video broadcast of continuing education through Emergency Medical Services Approved Training (EMSAT).

There will also be a restructure of staff roles so that it will be more reflective of the duties and functions of our office. As EMS has changed on the national level, so too has the Virginia Office of EMS. That’s why it’s imperative to the mission of our office that our employees’ job roles accurately reflect their job duties. Each new division will have a division manager and program staff.

We are optimistic that these new changes will help push our EMS system toward the future by allowing us to be more streamlined and effective in the implementation of our system goals while focusing on a more customer-friendly and service oriented approach. As we continue to roll out these new divisions, we will keep you informed with progress updates. Please check our website regularly for more information:

OEMS Construction Update – Phase 2 is Underway


Pictures feature the 1041 Technology Park Drive office (before and during construction) and the new OEMS offices that will be next-door to the main office location.

Construction continues at the Virginia Office of EMS (OEMS). Phase Two has begun and the remodeling of the 1041 Technology Park Drive office is now underway. The Divisions of Educational Development, Regulation and Compliance and Community Health and Technical Resources have vacated their offices at the 1001 office location. The 1001 Technology Park Drive office location closed to the public several weeks ago and many staff are working remotely during this time.

All visitors are directed to our main office location at 1041 Technology Park Drive. If you need to contact staff who are working remotely, phone and/or email may be the best point of contact and responses may be delayed. You can view the staff contact list at:

We will continue to update you on our construction as it progresses. We appreciate your patience as we make our office a more technologically advanced and inviting work space for all staff and visitors.

Meet Our New Employees

The Office of EMS has recently hired new staff members to our team. Please join us in welcoming them!

Division of Emergency Operations

On Jan. 25, 2019, the Division of Emergency Operations welcomed their newest employee, Richard Troshak, who serves as the Emergency Operations Specialist. He comes to OEMS with more than 26 years of experience in emergency communications. Most recently, he served as the Director of Emergency Communications for Chesterfield County for more than 10 years. His other communications experience includes working at the Department of Homeland Security Communications MegaCenter in Philadelphia, as well as 911 centers in Kansas, Michigan and Pennsylvania. He is also actively involved in Virginia’s 911 organizations, including the Association of Public-safety Communications Officers (APCO) and the National Emergency Number Association. He was also the Past President for the Virginia Chapter of APCO and is an avid supporter of Emergency Medical Dispatch use by 911 centers. His background and experience in emergency communications, as well as his recognition in Virginia’s 911 community, make him an excellent addition to the Virginia Department of Health.

Division of Administration and Fiscal

On Sept. 25, 2018, Luke Parker started working at OEMS as the Grants Manager. Luke received a bachelor’s degree in English from Christopher Newport University. He began his career as a Marketing Consultant for an advertising agency and later turned to public sector work in 2015. Since then, he has worked for state and nonprofit entities throughout the Commonwealth in fundraising and administrative roles. Luke is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Public Administration at Virginia Commonwealth University, and teaches classes and workshops about grant writing. He has more than five years of experience in fundraising and grant development and looks forward to helping EMS programs throughout Virginia access the resources they need through the Rescue Squad Assistance Fund grant program and other funding sources.

Division of Community Health and Technical Resources

On Sept. 25, 2018, Chris Vernovai joined OEMS as the EMS Systems Planner. Chris is an NR-Paramedic that has been in EMS and fire services for more than 27 years. His experience includes EMS leadership and management, including commercial, volunteer and combination volunteer and career EMS, as well as working for the Department of Defense as a Federal Fire Fighter and Paramedic. Most recently, Chris was the County EMS Coordinator for Highland County, overseeing the county’s EMS program. For the past five years, he has continued to serve on the State EMS Advisory Board’s Workforce Development committee and on the EMS Officer and Standards of Excellence subcommittee. Chris has been an EMS Field Preceptor in multiple agencies, a Virginia Education Coordinator and CISM team member, in addition to serving on the Executive Board of Directors for the Central Shenandoah EMS Council.

Preparations for the 40th Annual Virginia EMS Symposium Are Now Underway

On February 12, staff from the Virginia Office of EMS and members of the Virginia EMS Symposium Program Committee met to select classes for this year’s symposium. We are excited to bring you the best Virginia EMS Symposium yet, and it is because of the dedication and commitment of staff and committee members that we are able to offer the most renown speakers and EMS classes in the nation. Stay tuned for more information coming soon, including registration and room block details.

The Virginia EMS Symposium is one of the nation’s premier educational opportunities for EMS providers and Registered Nurses to obtain continuing education and network. Each year, more than 1,600 registrants choose from over 360 different programs across this 5-day training event. National and local educators participate to make this event one of the top prehospital educational opportunities in the country. The Symposium has 12 tracks covering Airway, Respiration, Ventilation, Cardiac, Critical Incident Stress Management, Communications, Critical Care, Educator, Leadership & Management, Medical, Operations, Preconference, Safety, Special Considerations and Trauma.