Tentative Agenda

May 31

9-11     Preconference Workshop (attendance is optional)

10:15-11   STARS Mobile Radio training for PH staff that drive vehicles with radios

11 :00-12:30  Welcome Introductions:  Marissa Levine and Tom Ryan

Inspiring General Session:  PH and HC role in Building Resilient Communities

12:30-5 lunch, vendors

1:30-3:30 Table top exercise

3:30-4:30   Viewing of mobile medical assets and visiting vendors

4:30      Exercise Wrap up and Hotwash

5:30 Adjourn

June 1 

8am-12 pm  Combination of general sessions and breakout sessions

8-9                   General session- HPP,PHEP, and CMS changes

9-930               Break and vendors  (need time to pull walls for break-out sessions

930-10:15        Break-out sessions

10:20-11:05     Break-out sessions

11:10-11:55     Break-out sessions

12-1 Lunch and vendors

1-430  Discipline specific sessions

Emergency Coordinators


MRC Coordinators

Health Directors


Hospitals and Healthcare (one session or multiple)

June 2

Field Epi Seminar