Published Reports

The Toxicology Program composes the following reports depending on the reported issue or concern:

Public Health Assessment – A public health assessment (PHA) evaluates a hazardous waste site for hazardous substances, health outcomes, and community concerns. A PHA also looks at whether people could be harmed by coming into contact with site-related substances. Public health assessments are often the evaluation tool of choice when a site contains multiple contaminants and multiple, potential pathways of chemical exposure. PHAs can be used to identify whether a health study is appropriate or whether some other public health action is warranted, such as community health education.  Superfund law requires a public health assessment for every site that is on or is proposed for the National Priorities List.

Health Consultation – A health consultation (HC) provides answers to health questions or issues about a potential environmental hazard. A HC differs from a PHA in that HCs focus on specific concerns related to hazardous waste site and does not address all exposure pathways, hazards present, or health outcomes. HCs are intended to provide a more rapid response. A HC can address public health concerns regarding a chemical or radiological contamination, or provide technical advice on sampling and remediation plans. HCs are not medical examinations, community health studies, or public health assessments.

 Letter of Health Consultation – A letter health consultation (LHC) is a document that is addressed to a specific individual, agency, or organization and shorter than other documents. They typically address one exposure pathway such as ingestion, or inhalation while focusing on a limited number of contaminants of concern. They are also used to provide technical advice. Depending on who the LHC is addressed to they may be more technical than other health consults or assessments.


Reports from 2000 to the present are available below. Click on a document title to view the report for a site:

Alexandria Alexandria City Public Schools-Maintenance Garage Health Implications of Textbooks Covered with Dust Containing Metals 8/8/2014
Alexandria Hunting Point on Potomac Apartment Complex Hunting Point on Potomac Residential Asbestos

Hunting Point Post-Cleaning



Alleghany County Kim-Stan Landfill Re-evaluation of Pathways of Concern at Kim-Stan Landfill 2/18/2016
 Annandale Annandale PCE Annandale PCE Site 7/1/2014
 Ashland Calvary Pentecostal Camp Elevated uranium in a non-transient non-community water system 8/15/2013
Berryville J&J Corner Store J&J Corner Store – Groundwater Contamination 3/3/2012
Big Stone Gap Powell Lead Powell Lead Site 8/31/2016
Chesapeake Chesapeake Products Chesapeake Products Site 11/27/2006
Chesterfield County Defense Supply Center Richmond Review of 1993 Public Health Assessment Recommendations 6/10/2002
Defense General Supply Center  4/4/2002
Coeburn/Wise County Coeburn Produce Disposal Assessment of Lead in Soil  10/9/2003
Colonial Heights River Oaks Subdivision River Oaks Subdivision 9/15/2016
Dahlgren/King George County Naval Support Facility (NSF) Dahlgren Naval Support Facility (NSF) Dahlgren 10/11/2006
Danville Dan River Evaluation of Polychlorinated Biphenyls Concentrations in Fish from the Dan River in 2014 3/23/2016
Dublin Electroplate-Rite Corporation Evaluation of groundwater data from the Electroplate-Rite Corporation site for public health implications via vapor intrusion pathway  9/23/2015
Fairfax County Crumb Rubber Crumb Rubber Methods Review 9/28/2015
Hampton Boulevard Cleaners Public Health Implications of Contaminated Groundwater 10/29/2012
Hampton Former Fashion Care Cleaners Former Fashion Care Cleaners 8/21/2012
Hanover County H&H Burn Pit H&H Burn Pit Site 3/2/2016
Henrico County Department of Environmental Quality – Piedmont Indoor Air Evaluation of Contaminants in Indoor Air  10/6/2014
Henrico County Sandston PCE Sandston PCE Site  9/30/2015
Hopewell Woodson Middle School Evaluation of Volatile Organic Compounds in Outdoor Air at Woodson Middle School

Evaluation of Metals and Carbonyls in Outdoor Air at Woodson Middle School




Marion/Smyth County American Wood Fibers American Wood Fibers 1/10/2013
Montross/Westmoreland County Arrowhead Manufacturing Building Arrowhead Manufacturing Building 1/30/2013
New River Health District Radford Army Ammunition Plant New River Childhood Blood Lead_VA_LHC 07 1 2014 June 30, 2014
Norfolk Lafayette River PAHs Health Consultation: Consumption Advisory Guidelines for Oysters Contaminated with Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons 10/11/2012
Norfolk Lafayette River PCBs Letter Health Consultation: Consumption Advisory Guidelines for Oysters Contaminated with Polychlorinated Biphenyls 10/30/2014
Pittsylvania County Pittsylvania Well Water Evaluation of Uranium and Radium in a Private Well 4/16/2014
Portsmouth Atlantic Wood Industries Evaluation of Contaminant Exposures from Human Consumption of Crabs and Oysters 6/6/2008
Portsmouth Peck Iron and Metal Peck Iron and Metal 12/12/2011
Portsmouth Portsmouth Manufactured Gas Plant Review of Environmental Sampling Data 4/24/2003
Providence Forge New Kent Wood Preservatives New Kent Wood Preservatives: Groundwater

New Kent Wood Preservatives: Soil



Radford Radford Army Ammunition Plant Radford Army Ammunition Plant 1/28/2015
Richlands/Tazewell County Simmons Rand Property Assessment of Environmental Sampling Results for Public Health Implications 1/10/2014
Richmond A.V. Norrell Elementary School A.V. Norrell Elementary School 1/17/2013
 Suffolk Former Nansemond Ordnance Depot Former Nansemond Ordnance Depot  2/19/2004
Suffolk Western Fumigation Western Fumigation Site 7/31/2012
Suffolk Royal Fumigation Royal Fumigation Site 9/24/2012
 Sterling/Loudoun County Hidden Lane Landfill Hidden Lane Landfill  4/6/2009
Virginia Beach Lynnhaven River Consumption Advisory Guidelines for Oysters Contaminated with Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons 1/14/2014
Virginia Beach Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek Part 1

Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek Part 2

 Winchester City of Winchester & Frederick County Evaluation of city of Winchester air samples for public health implications 4/3/2015
Woodbridge Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge Evaluation of Contaminants in Fish 10/30/2014

Reports prepared exclusively by agencies other than VDH are provided for convenience. Please refer to author page for document author (s).