Conditional Shellfish Harvesting Area Status

Listing of Conditional Shellfish Waters:

Unless otherwise classified as condemned by separate order.

Effective Friday, November 24, 2017, the following Conditional Areas are OPEN to the harvest of oysters, clams and mussels.

Lynnhaven River Section C1

Nansemond River Section C2


Effective annually from September 1 – March 31, the following Seasonally Condemned Conditional Areas are OPEN to the harvest of oysters, clams and mussels.

Gardner Creek Sections S1 and S14
Aberdeen and Carter Creeks Sections S17 and S18
Morris Bay Section S19
Upper York River Section S20
Davis Creek Sections S21 and S22
North River and Back Creek (Gloucester Co.) Sections S23 and S24
Ware River and Wilson Creek Sections S25 and S26
Kings Creek (Northampton Co.) Section S32
Old Plantation Creek Section S33


Effective annually from November 1 – March 31, the following Seasonally Condemned Conditional Areas are OPEN to the harvest of oysters, clams and mussels.

Jackson and Bonum Creeks Sections S2 and S3
Lower Machodoc Creek Section S4
Coan River Sections S5 and S6
Upper Machodoc Creek Section S7
Rosier Creek Section S8
Monroe Bay and Mattox Creek Sections S9 and S10
Little Wicomico River Sections S11, S12, and S13
Queen Creek (York Co.) Section S15
Timberneck Creek Section S16
Pocomoke Sound Section S27
Muddy, Guilford and Young Creeks Sections S28, S29, and S30
Messongo Creek Section S31
Mill Creek (Middlesex Co.) Section S34
Meachim Creek Section S35
Hunting and Sturgeon Creeks Sections S36 and S37
White Point Creek and West Yeocomico River Sections S38 and S39
Mill Creek (Northumberland Co.) and Dungan Cove Sections S40 and S41
Upper East River Sections S42 and S43
Put In Creek Sections S44 and S45
Lower East River Section  S46
Chuckatuck Creek Section S47
Mattawoman Creek Section S48
Carter Creek tributaries (Lancaster Co.) Sections S49, S50, and S51
Lower Corrotoman River Sections S52, S53 and S54
Middle Corrotoman River Sections S55, S56, S57 and S58
Eastern Branch Corrotoman River Sections S59, S60 and S61
Western Branch Corrotoman River Sections S62, S63 and S64

For more information see the Division of Shellfish Sanitation’s web page at, or contact the Division at 804-864-7480 during normal business hours.